Who We Are

At VIPdesk, we believe brand loyalty is built with every customer interaction. Each experience is an opportunity to reinforce a customer’s love for a brand. And no matter how leading edge our technology is, it will never replace the power of the one-to-one connection we build with your customers. It’s why we’ve built a culture that cares deeply about your customers. It’s why our team knows how to connect with your customers, human to human.

We are obsessively passionate about our team members. To us, they are Brand Ambassadors, and each one excels at being empathetic, transparent, and human. Values that are the lifeblood of our culture.

Since our beginning in 2014, we’ve worked tirelessly to become the customer service partner of choice for several of the world’s iconic brands. They know we are passionate collaborators. We listen, we innovate, and we exceed expectations.

Today, brands who place the customer experience at the center of their business choose to work with us. That’s because we provide tailor-made solutions to elevate their customer experience. They see the value in our ability to reduce costs associated with frustrating interactions and redirect those dollars toward building uncompromising brand loyalty.

More than anything, they see our value to be more human.

“When communicating with a customer, I always put myself in their place. I want to do all within my power to enhance that customer experience. To leave them feeling, wow, that truly exceeded my expectation.”

— VIPdesk Team Member