For the Love of our Customers – Happy Valentine’s Day!  

By: Caylin White 

VIPdesk Connect celebrates this year’s Valentine’s Day by honoring our Clients and their Customers, Team Members and ourselves.  Not in that order of course.    

Each year on Valentine’s Day people across the world shower each other with trinkets, gifts and special items of affection showing them that they care.  We want to reflect on those that make a difference in the customer service world. 

Customer Love  

 For the Love of our Customers – Happy Valentine’s Day!


There are quite a few ways we show our customers love throughout their experience with us at VIPdesk Connect.  Customer service is not just about solving problems and satisfying surveys.  It is much more than that!  

Our passionate, brand-loyal customer service representatives, also known as Brand Ambassadors — provide stellar, outsourced customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  We show our Client’s customers love daily, not just on Valentine’s Day!  

Our team is comprised of people with amazing talents, a passion for service and a love for the brands we support.  An authentic and memorable customer experience can only be delivered by individuals who are passionate about the brands they serve. Our team is comprised of professionals who share the same passion as the customers they assist.   

The reason our customers are cared for on such an elite level is because we care for our Brand Ambassadors with the same respect and appreciation.  

Team Member Love 

Team Member appreciation is something we work very hard at, here at VIPdesk Connect!  Not only are we a large team, we are also a virtual team so it’s more important to show appreciation for our teammates more than ever!  There are some that say you can’t create a strong culture if you are not face to face.  We know this is not true.  We have created a few ways to show team member love across the miles.  

We have ‘face-to-face’ video meetings via Microsoft Teams weekly where each team member shares what they are grateful for.  Not only does this showcase appreciation, it allows other teammates to learn about each other’s lives.  It’s a wonderful way to share thanks.  

Our awesome VP of People and Culture, Jen Vinciguerra created a TEAMS channel named Cheers for Peers where team members can give congratulatory shout-outs to each other virtually.  Teams is a product from Microsoft we use for internal communication.  Each day Brand Ambassadors, Leaders and Executives lift each other up through various cheers and positive compliments.  It’s a great way to show peer appreciation!  

Leadership Love  

 For the Love of our Customers – Happy Valentine’s Day!


Commitment to our clients, their customers and to our team members is the backbone of our Leadership team. We are passionate about delivering outstanding customer experiences. We do this by striving to always be helpful and by providing suggestions or alternatives. We know this is an integral part of providing great service to one another, our clients and customers. 

Just as we show appreciation for our customers and our Team Members, Leadership is high on our list of priorities to show love to.  

Our Leadership team delivers amazing experiences with (internal and external) customers at every touchpoint through positive interactions. They live up to their commitments by going above and beyond and always striving to be the best.  Our Leadership team is made up of caring, compassion and customer-centric individuals and we are proud to work beside them.  

Self Love  

In the customer service world, we may often put ourselves last as we strive to care for others.  However, the love of self is the most important of all!   

We have created a Team Member Wellness Program called a ‘Health Challenge’ where we engage our team to make healthy choices and balance in their lives.   

The team has promoted getting up and moving, trips to the gym and shared recipes that encourage wellness and a healthy lifestyle.  Keeping up with the team promotes a nice healthy challenge!  

We also encourage teams to help keep their staff happy, it all starts within ourselves.  

For the Love of our Customers – Happy Valentine’s Day!

At VIPdesk Connect, we do what we love and we love what we do.  


VIPdesk Connect Team