VIPdesk Connect Annual Awards, Recognition in Customer Success  

By: Caylin White

VIPdesk Connect Annual Awards, Recognition in Customer Success

Each year we host our Annual VIPdesk Connect Awards Ceremony, a festive affair celebrating our team located across the US and their efforts!  This year, we wanted to highlight the awards, the winners and all the team members that made it happen.  

As part of our ongoing VIPdesk Connect quest for a customer-centric culture, the Annual Awards are a great way to shine a light on the hard work that happens behind the scenes of a customer service outsourcing team.  This is no ordinary awards ceremony!  The awards are specific to the different client brands and our customer service team (Brand Ambassadors and Leadership Team members).  

VIPdesk Connect Annual Awards History 

Our Annual Awards ceremony started in 2001 to recognize the team and showcase their efforts in a fun way.   We realized back then, that VIPdesk had unique aspects to each program.   

We are a virtual team augmented by two offices and we created a way for all team members to be able to be included in the awards ceremony through our internal communications tool Microsoft Teams.   

Our very talented technical guru, Jeff Kramp, created a video (complete with music and everything!) so the entire team from across the nation could join in the award giving ceremony.   

Special Awards for Special People  

We have several amazing clients and each program is unique.  Each program is primarily dedicated to the brands we serve.   Since we are unique in this way, the only way to create a sense of spirit was to create special awards! 

Team Member of the Year – (a tie!) – Congrats to Ellie Brooks and Sherry Slone

Corporate Leadership Team Member of the Year – Congrats to Valerie Burns

Here are a few of the award names created for our amazing team members and their unique duties:  

Super Star – Krista Valentine

Best Embodiment of the Brand  – Jeff Kramp

“Rock” Star – Maggie Piper-Presing

Rising Star  – Gerald Hylla

Most Helpful  – Carla Edge

Most Valuable Person  – Shannon Cheatum

Homerun  – Tim Burchfield

Luxury Leadership – Kim Nasca

Team Spirit – Val Fielder

MacGyver Award – Zach Hendrickson


Our very own VP of People and Culture, Jen Vinciguerra won the “Culture Creator 2019” award for all the ways she has helped us build an amazing culture.  


VIPdesk Connect Annual Awards, Recognition in Customer Success


I love working on the awards every year because I get to see all the appreciation that the team has for one another.  It’s also nice to take a moment to remember how we are such a great company.  I was surprised and excited to win this award!  But it’s definitely not just me creating culture…. it’s all of us.”- Jen Vinciguerra, VP of People and Culture, VIPdesk Connect 

Virtual Teams and Videos for Celebration 

I mentioned we are a virtual team here and that means more reason to create a video of our celebrations.  Jeff put together a wonderful video of our previous awards ceremony on YouTube and you can stream it live!  Here is one from 2016 – when we were a bit smaller but still as mighty! 

VIPdesk Connect Annual Awards, Recognition in Customer Success

We are so happy that all of our Brand Ambassadors from around the US could join in for the ceremony.  When we were streaming the video live, every time an award was won, there were eruptions of cheers and congratulations.  It was really fun!  

Truly Embodying the Brands we Serve   

We truly feel that lifting up our team’s efforts through this awards ceremony is a great way to show our team that we serve with a sense of purpose.  Our Brand Ambassadors go above and beyond on a daily basis to help customers through exemplary behavior and attention to their requests.  Why not showcase that with a beautiful award?  They deserve it!  

We have been fortunate to work with these amazing brands – SkullcandyHomeAdvisorAcorn TVAstro Gaming and Alfred Dunner, and every single Brand Ambassador embodies the brand they serve.  Customer service is not always an easy job, and they make it look like a 5-Star breeze.   

Kudos to all those on the VIPdesk Connect team Brand Ambassadors, Operations Managers and Leadership team members that put smiles on customers faces on a daily basis.  

Our annual awards are my absolute favorite day of the year.  There is almost nothing better than seeing team members recognized by their peers.  I also shared a few special awards like Homerun, Best Embodiment of the Brand, Most Helpful (a core value) and Greatest Accomplishment.  It touched my heart… and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work with this team.” – Sally Hurley, CEO, VIPdesk Connect 

VIPdesk Connect Annual Awards, Recognition in Customer Success

Thanks for sharing some time to help celebrate the team members of VIPdesk Connect.  Celebrating your fellow team can inspire spirit and a sense of purpose for every employee!   We highly encourage all teams to incorporate the Employee Wellness style fun activity into your companies’ events.    

Congratulations to the Winners!  

If you won an award, please hop into comments and share what you won!


VIPdesk Connect Team