This BLOG is for all the amazing people that are seeking work-from-home opportunities in the US. It is well known that we hire team members that work from home offices across the country. We don’t hire independent contractors, but rather employees– some of whom work full-time and some work part-time for some of the world’s most prestigious brands.
There are scammers on the internet wreaking havoc and casting doubt on legitimate work at home jobs. It’s a shame because there is so much opportunity and these jobs give families much needed flexibility. We wanted to do our part to help those of you looking, so we’ve put together some tips help job seekers avoid these scammers and find real work at home jobs.

  1. Only Apply on Known Employer Websites. When you hear of a job opportunity, before you apply for any job, first research the company to validate that they are a real organization. You can conduct a simple Google search to read articles about the business. You can also type the name of their website into to find out who the owner is of the website. See our example below.

  2. Submit Applications on Secure Websites. When you do apply for a job online, be sure to check the url for https://. If the “s” does not follow http, then the website is not secure. Do not provide any of your personal information on a website that isn’t secure.
    Notice the https:// in our own example below

  3. Only Do Interviews on the Phone. This may seem like common sense, but there are many scammers conducting “interviews” through social media channels like Facebook Messenger. They engage with candidates, ask 10-20 questions (that often include questions about transcribing) and then allude to making a lot of money. This is a scam and we can attest that there is nothing Facebook will do to protect you from them. These scammers are also using our company name. We never conduct interviews through social channels… ever. If you ask for a phone number so that you can call them, they will not be able to provide a US phone number as most are not in this country. If they are a legitimate employer with work from home opportunities, they will have a website and will suggest you visit that website to submit your application.
  4. Do Not Give Out Personal Information. Most of the scammers will ask you if you have a credit card and for your banking information. Employers Please don’t give them any personal information.
  5. Prospective Employers Don’t Ask for Money. There should be no circumstance when you should provide payments, banking information or gift cards to prospective employers. Scammers will use this technique to obtain your personal information and money.