Great service truly does start with great culture.  We are so excited to announce the launch of our new Podcast, “Path to Good”.  Our Podcast will capture our journey, as we transform and bring more humanity into our workplace and the customer service industry.

This all began a few months ago during our VIPdesk Connect annual executive strategic planning retreat.  We have deep experience serving luxury brands and affluent customers and have always understood that great service is delivered by great people.  However, coming out of our retreat, we found ourselves less than inspired for our year ahead.

Most outsourced customer services companies focus on “what they do”.  We wanted to understand our purpose, “why” we are doing what we are doing.  We are all about making it about great service and having a great culture.

All roads led us back to our team.

While we know that great people can deliver great service… what we have realized that it is truly happy people deliver amazing service.  We all felt a deep need to adjust our course to marry our history of a higher level of service with a higher level of team member well-being, belonging and happiness.

Our job?  To work on being the best we can be for them… so that they are happy and can deliver amazing service for our clients.

Why launch a Podcast?

First, a few of us are absolutely obsessed with podcasts.  Second, we wanted to be able to share our journey of ups and downs so that other organizations and leaders can learn from our lessons.

The outsourced call center industry is comprised of 75% women working as customer service reps, our company is led by women.  Yet the industry is notoriously low paying.  We want to change this story.

Why Great Service will Always Prevail

We want to provide work for families in communities that have a lower cost of living.  We want to show our clients how an amazing workforce that is supported by a culture that cares for talented team members can move the needle dramatically for customer satisfaction.  It always comes back to great service.

We hope many join us on our journey and tune in for our latest podcast, “Path to Good”.

VIPdesk Connect