VIPdesk Connect wins two awards and the hearts of ICMI

VIPdesk Connect is a two-time ICMI award winner this year in Orlando, FL. ICMI is more than just a conference.   

To quote because they said it best:  “ICMI Contact Center Expo unites, educates and inspires professionals looking to further their knowledge in an industry undergoing constant transformation. As customer expectations continue to rise, it’s up to us — the contact center professionals — to rise with them. 

It is a place where people unite with one cause in mind, the ultimate customer service.  It’s not just about hearing wonderful speakers, meeting attendees and connecting at conference events.  It is about a common connection of bettering ourselves.   Being an ICMI award winner is more than just winning to us, it’s about the value that they saw in VIPdesk Connect. 

Brad Cleveland, Author, Speaker, Consultant and Senior Advisor, ICMI, states:  “One theme that got a lot of attention is differentiation—how do you leverage your customer service to help your organization stand out, and your brand to really shine through? It’s exciting to see how leading organizations are doing just that and seeing amazing success.”  

Best Contact Center Manager awarded to Melissa Headrick, Operations Manager, VIPdesk Connect 

 ICMI award winner


Melissa has been with VIPdesk Connect for over 10 years.  She has demonstrated the utmost dedication and competence in her role as a contact center manager. She has led some of VIPdesk Connect’s most important client programs with great success producing record NPS scores, Service Levels, and financial results.

Melissa has also been successful in creating and motivating a very loyal group of team members which is demonstrated by her ability to hold attrition rates in her team below 24%.  Her distinct leadership style has been a major contributor of VIPdesk Connect’s unique company culture.  Congratulations, Melissa, on being an ICMI award winner. 

Reflecting back on the last 6 years, the actual work and what was written about me was more rewarding than the actual award.  It’s still very surreal winning, and even being nominated!  It’s good for me too, personally because it’s helped me to get to know more people in the industry.” – Melissa Headrick, VIPdesk Connect 

ICMI award winner 

Lifetime Achievement Award to Todd Hixson Director of Workforce Management, VIPdesk Connect  

 ICMI award winner 

Todd has been in contact center operations/management for around 20 years.  He has worked with Travelocity and Intuit prior to joining Cabela’s. He has been an out-source, in-source and an us-source with a belief in efficiencies.

He realized using creative scheduling, performance-based “right for me” shift bidding, and pushing limits with optimization while focusing on delighted customers and engaged employees. He has driven back-office utilization of WFM practice, multiple channel skill-based operations practices, and cross-functional “day in the life of WFM” workshops.

His current projects include deep dives into Omni-channel functionality and creative workforce team design. He has served on ICMI’s advisory board, consulted in industry standard certification with CIAC, working on the last update to industry standards and is a frequent industry speaker. 

Congratulations, Todd, on being an ICMI award winner.

What being an ICMI award winner means to us  

VIPdesk Connect has one common core that we take very seriously.  It’s about the people.  We are so grateful that our team members have been recognized by their industry peers.  This shows the world what we see every day- and that is our team members working hard to make a difference for others.  We want to help people to understand that we care about the human experience.  And we aren’t just saying that we truly do care!  

“I’m very humbled to be included in our elite company.  We live in a world where everyone is paid to do something, but that’s not what it’s about.  I step back and look at it, and it puts me in the right place knowing that it’s not about me, it’s about everyone involved.”  

– Todd Hixon, Director of Workforce Management 

ICMI brought together our team to connect with people all over the nation!  We made some wonderful connections, had a great time at the awards dinner and came away with some amazing new ideas!  

One of our favorite quotes comes from Nate Brown, Co-founder of CX Accelerator,”Customer Experience is both an art and a science. It’s essentially how your customer perceives your brand through its various interactions with your company.  Customer Service represents a single touch point.  Employee Experience, an often-forgotten element, is how your employees perceive their total interactions with the organization.”  

ICMI award winner

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