VIPdesk’s Mission to Elevate the Human Experience 

By: Caylin White 

At VIPdesk we take our mission very seriously. Ultimately customer service is about one thing: humanity. We are taking care of other individuals with the utmost care, respect and courtesy that an outsourced solutions team can provide. That being said, our core mission is the most important building block for the foundation of success.  

Our Mission 

We are on a mission to elevate the human experience. 

This mission was fine-tuned over the years and ultimately it came down to the most important factor. Humanity. Our team is ready to change the mentality of a less than positive call center experience. We have dedicated Brand Ambassadors who go above and beyond the typical customer service to elevate the entire customer experience.  

Over the years we have perfected the art of weaving in operations, managers, brand ambassadors, leadership teams and clients to create a seamless customer success experience. There is a science behind all the moving parts, especially while working as a virtual team!  

Sally Hurley, CEO of VIPdesk quoted about how she runs the organization single-handedly, working remotely and creating happy clients, customers and team members.  

“I am thrilled the join the human kindness movement where people matter. To have a business built around that is just a beautiful thing. It’s a major shift!” – Sally 


B Corp Path  

What is a B Corp?  

According to Certified B Corporation they are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. B Corps are accelerating a global culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. 


B Corp


We are working diligently to become a B Corp at VIPdesk!  

The B Corp community uses profits and growth to positively impact their employees, communities, and the environment. While our certification is pending, we hope to soon join the likes of companies such as BeautycounterPatagoniaCasperWarby ParkerBen & Jerry’s, and more.   

Our business is about elevating the customer experience.  

With our centralized and at-home teams, we are positioned to be a successful company while providing our team with a more balanced life. Therefore, we are committed to ELEVATING the human experience—delivering positive customer experiences through team members we deeply care about.    

  • We hire across the US in strategic markets that allow for highly-skilled team members with a reasonable cost of living  
  • We support team members professional/personal growth by promoting internally and celebrate their achievements, even if that takes them to another company  
  • We provide thoughtful training to enable team members to grow within our organization or elsewhere  
  • We take hundreds of cars off the road, thereby doing good for the environment as well as the sanity of would-be commuters  
  • We offer flexible work schedules that allow team members to work around personal and family commitments  
  • We pay living wages and strive to raise this bar annually  
  • We offer good medical and wellness benefits and work hard to provide the best benefits possible  
  • We contribute to our communities by hosting charitable events throughout the year  
  • We have a Wellness program for the body, mind, and soul   
  • We are committed to doing good for our team members, clients, and customers  

Sally Hurley, CEO

Our Values  

Our values influence everything we do with one another, our clients, partners, and our community. Our values make us a better company and help attract team members.   

TRANSPARENT Authentic, Open, and Honest Communication.  

We work hard to share knowledge and information, both internally and with our clients, in a way that allows us to be the most successful partner and employer. We are an open book.  

HELPFUL Proactive and Thoughtful.  

We strive to always be helpful and being one step ahead. We know this is an integral part of providing great service to one another, our clients and customers. This is our concierge DNA shining through.   

CREATIVE Innovative and Resourceful.  

We constantly brainstorm and question the status quo to stay in tune with the ever-changing customer experience environment. VIPdesk is committed to offering clients and/or educating them on the very latest technologies. We are focused on a positive future.   

FLEXIBLE Adapt and Embrace new Ideas.  

We offer flexible work for our team and flexibility to our clients.  We believe great service and great cultures deserve an adaptable approach.   

POSITIVE ENERGY Refreshing interactions.  

A higher level of service comes with heightened expectations and a great team deserves positive leadership. To be the organization we want to be requires the ability to access positive energy. 

All Roads Lead Back to Our Mission  

Wrapping up here, our values as a team all lead back to our mission. To elevate the human experience. We are grateful to work with amazing colleagues, talented Brand Ambassadors, and exceptional clients. The demands of customer service never end, which is why we will never stop trying to achieve our mission at VIPdesk.  

We hope to be your next stop when searching for customer service solutions. We offer a wide variety of solutions listed here: Please reach out if you have an interest here 



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