VIPdesk Raises Compensation and Commits to Living Wages for All U.S. Team Members

In an industry dominated by hourly wage pressure, VIPdesk, one of the top places to work as recognized by the Washington Post, commits to the $15 minimum wage for entry-level programs, further delivering on its promise to prioritize the human experience in the BPO industry.

In an environment where every client conversation can substantially impact the health and profitability of any brand, frontline Customer Service Representatives are playing an increasingly critical role. VIPdesk has long been an advocate for aligning compensation with responsibility and maximizing the compensation for its Brand Ambassadors – VIPdesk’s Customer Representatives. With a focus on meeting living wage requirements in all team-member states, VIPdesk has conducted its own research for all U.S. states and as a result has identified markets where the cost of living is lower, improving the living wage value. VIPdesk is committed to delivering on its promise of creating an elevated, authentic customer experience. In parallel, VIPdesk is closely tracking the correlation between Brand Ambassador compensation to employee retention and quality of customer support delivered. Increasing hourly rates will allow VIPdesk to provide fair compensation to its existing team and open the door for team members with wonderful qualifications and education.

“I am extremely grateful to partner with clients who see the correlation between great service and people,” said Sally Hurley, CEO of VIPdesk. “Today we are making a big step towards what we believe is right and necessary for our team. While it is a big first step, I believe that this is just the beginning of a broader trend which will ultimately show that the benefit of appropriate compensation really matters when it comes to delivering great customer experiences.”

Remote BPO services are more relevant today than at any other point in our history. VIPdesk is confident that it is leading the customer experience industry with its ability to offer an elevated and authentic customer service solution with an inclusive team of culturally aligned Brand Ambassadors.

Jen Vinciguerra, VP of People & Culture at VIPdesk, added “I am thrilled that we have the opportunity to invest further into our amazing team members. We have always believed that the more we do to support our team the more they will do to deliver elevated customer experiences every day for every client! This is something we’ve been working towards for a long time and I’m excited about our fantastic team and can’t wait to see what we accomplish next.”

As a certified B-Corp, VIPdesk enthusiastically embraces the philosophies of this purpose-driven community which works toward reducing inequality, lowering the levels of poverty, contributing to a healthier environment, building stronger communities, and creating more high-quality jobs with dignity and purpose. VIPdesk together with its partners and clients believes that never in our history customer service has played a more central role in the success of each business than today.


About VIPdesk

VIPdesk, a premium provider of outsourced customer experience solutions, utilizes a select team of remote work Brand Ambassadors (customer service professionals), located throughout the U.S., to provide elevated customer experience for iconic brands and those that aspire to become one. As a certified B-Corp, Women-Owned-Corporation, and Top Workplace winner, VIPdesk is on a mission to elevate the human experience with its team-members and partners. Talented team-members of VIPdesk not only excel in delivering superior customer service but are passionate ambassadors of the brands they serve. VIPdesk’s suite of services includes Omni-Channel Customer service handling on all traditional and digital contact channels, full AI and assisted AI solutions, CX Insights, social media management, back-office support, and customer experience consulting. Visit for more information or @VIPdesk on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

Othmar Mueller von Blumencron