Thankful Teams Mean Thankful Customers  

Caylin White

It’s that time of year that everyone reflects on what they are thankful for.   It’s refreshing to take a moment and be grateful for all that you have.   Thankful teams mean thankful customers. 

We are in the business of customer service.  We strive to provide the type of service that goes above and beyond expectations.   The concept of customer service is simple.  Be there for them.  Over the years we have learned that it takes good people to create good service.  It also takes a team of gratitude to take it to the next level.  

Creating an environment of gratefulness is something that happens all year round.  We are grateful for our customers, for our team, for our work.  Thankful customers mean they in turn will come back and evangelize their praise.  Thankful customers mean so much. The question is how do we showcase this? 

Gather Thanks  

Thankful Teams Mean Thankful Customers

We gathered the VIPdesk Connect team and asked them all what thankful means to them this year.  

I am so very blessed, it is easy to provide a list. I am thankful for my fabulous family and the opportunity to spend more time with them during the holidays. I love having my home full of kids, grandkids and even the granddogs. We have a long list of holiday traditions that make my heart full just thinking about them. – Sandra Prokop 

My thankful quote is very simple… I am thankful.  And if I’m asked what for? My answer is everything! Because you can always find something to be thankful for. – Shannon Cheatum 

I am thankful I no longer have to scrape ice off my windshield at 7 am 😀 – Jessica Inhofe 

I am thankful for all my loved ones and being able to celebrate another Thanksgiving with my wonderful husband. -Desiree Davis-Harris 

Thankful for my beautiful family. We’ve had to face so many unexpected challenges this past year, but we are thankful for the love and support that we have given one another to make us stronger as a family! -Lydia Guttu 

This year, I am thankful for health.  Health of family, health of myself and that of the people I love.  Being in good health helps promote well-being.  That is something to be thankful for! – Caylin White  

There are so many wonderful and new things that I am truly grateful for each and every day. However, if I have to narrow them down, I would say that I am most thankful for my family, friends, our health, our freedom, my job and work family, and a full pot of coffee with Pumpkin creamer every morning! 😊 – Kimberly Nasca 

I am grateful for simple things in life like clean water from the tap, electricity, sunsets, laughter, wild flowers, music, the freedom to make choices, memories and time to make more. I am grateful for the love and support of friends and family. And forever I am grateful for Beyoncé, Lin-Manuel Miranda and finally seeing Hamilton—twice. – Maggie Piper-Presing 

I am thankful to be alive because life is short! – Candace Blue 

I am most thankful for my relationship with God who allows me to see life without judgment. I am thankful for my amazing family and friends. I am thankful to have a job that I look forward to coming to every day. “Every day is a good day because you can start the day over as many time as you need to until you get it right.” Happy Thanksgiving! -Sherelyn T Dunbar

I am thankful for my amazing beautiful family, my Husband’s good health and my kids who teach me new things about myself every day. I am so glad I get to spend another year and holiday with them. – Melinda Wilcox 

I am thankful for having both an amazing personal and work family. It’s nice to know that those you spend the most time with support you through the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly. I have an amazing family and wonderful friends and am grateful for them every day. Have a Wonderful Holiday! – Wendy Cox 

I’m thankful for Thanksgiving catering and Shipt for delivering the eats!  – Brooke Staton  

I’m most thankful for the gift of Christ, getting to know Him more, His work to make me more Christlike, my children,parents,siblings,friends, health,life,peaceful sleep, waking up without a headache this morning, a beautiful job, a 13yr old car that has heat and AC and has never broken down while driving, keeping it together even with nasty clients, slow drivers ….EVERYTHING!!! -Ezioyi Sesay

“I’m thankful for my family, friends and coworkers. Being surrounded by love and great people makes me feel grateful every day of my life.”- Andreia Leao

I am very thankful for friends and family that I can rely on to share joys as well as sorrows with, and that I can count on their support. That includes my work “family” as well. I’m also thankful for a country that has such diversity as America. On a lighter note I’m always grateful for pizza and chocolate. – Carole Johnson  

Make it Count  

Thankful Teams Mean Thankful Customers  

Gathering thanks from our team made us realize something very important.  That this thankfulness and gratefulness that we found in every one of our team members trickles down right to the customer.  We found that the more we recognize the wonderful things inside our organization, the more we learn how this affects our customers.  

Kara Simon states to put the power into the employees hands in her article 5 Ways to Show your Team Gratitude. 

“Encourage the team to show gratitude to one another for their accomplishments, contributions, or a spirit of collaboration.” – Kara SimonMariz Motivation Solutions 

Gratitude is simple and easy to implement into your work flow.  Being thankful is the result of employees and organizations who feel the gratitude throughout the team.  That in turn will allow the customers to feel that they are taken care of by happy people.  Thankful teams mean thankful customers.  The full thankful circle of life.  

This year be thankful for your customers as well! We sure are.  

VIPdesk Connect