The History of VIPdesk and SOCAP: Customer Care Experts  

Shaping customer service through community  

By: Caylin White   

VIPdesk has been active in the SOCAP community for years! In case you aren’t aware yet, SOCAP – Society of Customer Affairs Professionals – is the leading international association for customer care professionals, bringing together both brand representatives and technology vendors.   

SOCAP has brought us such joy over the years, attending events, meeting new people and truly helping the community.  

We are going to learn a little more about SOCAP and how VIPdesk is shaping customer service through this association and their community.  

About SOCAP 

The History of VIPdesk and SOCAP: Customer Care Experts  

Founded in 1973, SOCAP International represents a dynamic, collaborative community of best-in-class customer care experts across all industries. These vice presidents, directors, managers, and specialists, along with hundreds of solution providers, come from some of the world’s most recognized Fortune 1000 as well as emerging and leading startup companies.  

SOCAP is a member-driven association committed to advancing customer care and engagement at all levels of business.  

SOCAP History with VIPdesk 

Our very own, VP of Sales Othmar Mueller von Blumencron has been a member of SOCAP since 2009.  Throughout the years, VIPdesk has attended and contributed to most of their national conferences around the country.  

In January 2018Othmar became President of the SOCAP DC Chapter and has already facilitated a lot of amazing events and created great relationships.  

Some of those relationships include the DC board: Rhett Parsons, Finance; Tim O’Keefe, Membership; Leslie O’Flahavan, Events and Peter Low, Social and Communication. 

The History of VIPdesk and SOCAP: Customer Care Experts  

Our Marketing and Growth Manager, Caylin White got selected to be on the Georgia SOCAP Chapter Board as well!  She helps coordinate, promote and socially reach out with events in the Georgia area.  

She has fun members like Tom Rocca and Wade Houser on the board keeping up with the Georgia communities!  

SOCAP Chapters  

SOCAP has grown over the years, tremendously! If you are interested in becoming a part of the SOCAP community, there may be a chapter near you.   

Check out the national map here:  

The History of VIPdesk and SOCAP: Customer Care Experts   

SOCAP Events  

Likewise, SOCAP has events all over the country!  

On March 27, the DC Chapter of SOCAP celebrates the second edition of customer service expert John Goodman’s landmark book, Strategic Customer Service John and co-author Scott Broetzmann will discuss the 2019 edition of the new book, which offers a data-packed roadmap on how companies can actively reach out to customers, prevent problems, and resolve issues in ways that boost loyalty.  

Here’s an overview of the event: 

John and Scott will share 30 years of research from companies such as 3M, GE, and Chick-Fil-A. They’ll help you transform your customer service operation into a strategic, revenue-generator with empowered frontline agents, well-managed outsourcers, proactive technology, and an integrated Voice of the Customer program.   

Ed O’Day, AARP Senior Vice President of Member Communication will share AARP’s vision and its commitment to transforming the customer experience. He’ll discuss AARP’s digital adoption strategies for the present and future, and he’ll explain how they’ve leveraged knowledge across channels.  

Many thanks to AARP for hosting this event and to Bright Pattern for sponsoring! 

Bright Pattern has been a partner of SOCAP on regional events for over three years. The Bright Pattern team strives to bring the most innovative omnichannel platform to the contact center market with traditional channels such as voice and email as well as mobile and emerging channels like video, SMS/text, in-app, bots and social messengers. 

“Customer service has been changing dramatically over the last few years and it is important for CX leaders to evaluate what customer service will be like in future years to ensure that they have the right processes and technology in place,” said Peter Low, Senior Account Executive at Bright Pattern. “We are excited to be sponsoring the upcoming SOCAP DC Chapter event where John Goodman will be speaking on his latest book, Strategic Customer Service in 2020, teaching contact center peers what steps can be taken to deliver the outstanding experience today’s customers deserve.” 

SOCAP Partners  

SOCAP has thousands of amazing partners, sponsors and volunteers that help out with events across the country.  We are fortunate to know a few of them and help to contribute.   

Here is a quick example of a great SOCAP partner and event in the DC Chapter:  

The History of VIPdesk and SOCAP: Customer Care Experts  

Strategic Customer Service in 2020: A book talk by author John Goodman 

DC-Area SOCAP ChapterWashington, DC 

Wednesday, March 27, 2019, from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM (EDT) 

If you are interested in becoming a part of the SOCAP community, reach out! 

If you are interested in our customer services solutions, please reach out to us any time at 

The VIPdesk team 


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