We sat down with the Brand Ambassadors of the beloved and funky SkullCandy and asked them how they LIVED their brand.  

You know Skullcandy – you may have read that they just launched noise cancelling headphones, on PR Web, yes, them, they are a pretty big deal.  

We are full of super talented Brand Ambassadors here at VIPdesk Connect. We follow a ton of news about the evolution from Customer Service Representative (boring) to Brand Ambassador (rockstar).  At Entrepreneur.com, we see how more BA’s are being recruited to big name brands.   

We chatted with Josh Negron, Sarah Howell and Rebekah Gilreath, Brand Ambassadors at Skullcandy and dove into their wonderful wild world.   

Here’s what we found out:  

Josh Negron 

Skullcandy Brand Ambassador  


Josh is all around AMAZING!  

I honestly don’t think any Skullcandy customer has ended their experience with Josh unhappy. He also has a full toolbox and his passion for the brand is in every phone interaction he encounters.  

We chatted with Josh to find out more about him.  

What are the ways in which you LIVE your brand?  

My Skullcandy products are literally a part of my life. Especially my Barricade Mini, that speaker lives with me whether I’m home or at the beach. 

What do you do personally do to go above and beyond in your job? 

I really try to find a way to make sure the team is prepared each day with all the information needed to wow our customers. 

What is your favorite part of what you do?  

When customers call in or email to compliment Skullcandy and our customer service team that brings a huge smile to my face!  

Is there a fun story you want to share about a customer experience? 

Customer called in recently to tell us they washed their wired earbuds in the washing machine. They were so impressed they still functioned, the customer had to call in to praise our product. We thanked and appreciated their compliment and provided a discount code for a future product for being a loyal customer. It was definitely a call that stood out. 


Sarah Howell 

Skullcandy Brand Ambassador 

Sarah is spunky and a lot of fun! She has worked two holiday seasons with us but this past season we were able to offer her a full-time position. Her passions for the brand have not gone unnoticed. The client has even mentioned how he enjoys listening to her assist their customers on the phone. 

What are the ways in which you LIVE your brand?  

I love all kinds of music, I have always loved it.  Since I can remember, even as a child my family would have music playing most of the day in the house, especially on the weekends.      

I love to have fun and laugh.  I love all of the Skullcandy products, even before I started working for them as a BA. My family loves them as well.  My husband and boys are big fans! 

They have great sound, fun colors and great price. There is a product for everyone.  

What do you do personally to go above and beyond in your job?  

I want to do a good job and be helpful as I can. If it is walking through a Bluetooth pairing issue, explaining the warranty process or ordering spare cable or ear gels. I listen to the issue and do my best to assist with it.   I also like to be thorough and ask questions to really understand what is going on. I also use my humor to help! I try to get my customers to laugh or smile while I’ve got them on the line, because you can hear a smile! 

What is your favorite part of what you do? 

Being helpful. I love being able to help solve pairing issues, and guiding customers with product questions and recommendations. I try to educate them on the warranty process and not be scared to ask questions.  

Is there a fun story you want to share about a customer experience?

I love to hear why people need spare parts, like ear gels and cables.  Most of my favorite stories involve animals.  We have had calls about cats, dogs, rabbits and birds chewing on the cables. There have even been a few vicious vacuum cleaners as well.     

Sandra Prokop

Skullcandy Brand Ambassador

What are the ways in which you LIVE your brand?

My Skullcandy go with me everywhere. I love music and have to have it at all times. From my Ink’d buds to my Hesh 3. Wherever I am there are Skullcandy products there too. My family is involved in motor sports like drag racing and RC drag racing. We always use Skullcandy stickers on our cars.

What do you do personally to go above and beyond in your job?

Skullcandy customers are family members, I always try to treat them as I would want my family treated.

What is your favorite part of what you do?

Training new BA’s on this great client. Anything we can do to increase our knowledge of the clients we serve will only improve our relationship with them. I learn so much through teaching.

Is there a fun story you want to share about a customer experience?

There are so many. Skullcandy customers are the best. I love talking with customers that are excited about our products. We get calls everyday from people that are blown away by how awesome the products are.

Becky Gilreath 

Skullcandy Brand Ambassador 

Becky LOVES the Skullcandy brand, she is always the first one to grab a discount code when a new product is released so she purchases it 

Her toolbox must be overflowing with what she has purchased and with what has been provided to her by Skullcandy.  


So much fun!  Thanks to our Skullcandy Brand Ambassadors for always rockin’ it out!  

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