10 Ways to Raise your Net Promoter Score

Caylin White 

If you are in the customer care business like us, raising your Net Promoter Score is often your number one priority.  Net Promoter Scores reflect how people truly feel about your brand!  What is your score?  

VIPdesk Connect is going to showcase ten ways to raise your Net Promoter Score (NPS) and how to do that.  

Getting back to the basics with the simple question – What is Net Promoter?  

“Net Promoter Score®, or NPS®, measures customer experience and predicts business growth. This proven metric transformed the business world and now provides the core measurement for customer experience management programs the world round.” 

More importantly, how do you calculate it? The NPS Calculation 

“Calculate your NPS using the answer to a key question, using a 0-10 scale: How likely is it that you would recommend [brand] to a friend or colleague?” 

According to Lumoa the Net Promoter Score is often called “The Only Number You Need to Grow“.

1 Convenience  

We are living in a world where instant gratification can win, lose or anger customers.  Make it convenient to interact with your brand, whether that be by phone, email, chat, social or SMS.  How available are you to them?  

This may seem like common sense but being able to easily find how to contact your brand is extremely important.  

Being convenient to get the basic information over to your customers is key for your score!  What form does it come in – survey, email, live chat message or thank you text?  Whichever way you get to capture this information – make it easy to find and submit!  

2 Score All Channels  

Ask for the NPS score across all channels!  Don’t be afraid to branch out from the traditional outreach via email.  Get creative with how you reach out.  We are in the era of all things mobile, tablet and social platform.   

If you can offer customers the option to provide you with an NPS score at the end of a phone call, or even via a friendly video email, you are doing it right!  The best ways you can get to your customer are spreading your reach.  

10 Ways to Raise your Net Promoter Score

Pro tip: Automate these at the end of your calls with the customer and embed the capture into emails and other channels – otherwise your NPS results could be skewed 

3 Keep in “Tone”   

The tone of your brand voice is extremely important in determining your NPS.  Showcasing your true colors can make or break a score!  

Providing service with a consistent steady tone of service is 50% of the equation.” – Sally Hurley, CEO, VIPdesk Connect  

A brand’s tone of voice shouldn’t stop at the selling phase, it should be implemented throughout the entire customer experience, especially when it comes to evangelizing.  Consistent, warm tones will raise NPS.  

4 Express Empathy  

 10 Ways to Raise your Net Promoter Score


This also goes along with your brand’s tone.  Encouraging empathy throughout the entire NPS strategy can allow your customer to feel a connection with you and the brand together.   

Having an expression of empathy will ensure customers feel heard and even if there has been an issue, this can endear customers 

5 Be Human  

This one needs to be done more, across the board.  Be human!  

Humanize each interaction, don’t follow a script because we are human beings and want to feel heard! Scripts are great for a template or a guideline, however, we should always be incorporating fun personality into what we do.  

We recently did a piece on our Operations Manager, Tim Burchfield all about this!  Being human and bringing fun into the workplace feeds into the customer service pipeline.  Being yourself is crucial and having fun doing that is an art form!  

6 Ask, Ask and Ask Again  

What’s the age-old myth?  Ask and you shall receive?  That applies when asking your customers directly to participate when asked for an NPS score.  Asking gets the answers heard.  In the customer service world, simply get used to asking customers for feedback.  

Create the why behind the ask.  If they understand why you are asking, they will want to support the brands they love!   

10 Ways to Raise your Net Promoter Score  

How and where do you insert the why we are asking?  

7 Personalize Follow Ups  

Customize your follow up to the standard NPS question to ensure customers feel heard – here’s the breakdown.  

Promoters, Passives, and Detractors 

  • Promoters (score 9-10) are loyal enthusiasts who will keep buying and refer others, fueling growth. 
  • Passives (score 7-8) are satisfied but unenthusiastic customers who are vulnerable to competitive offerings. 
  • Detractors (score 0-6) are unhappy customers who can damage your brand and slow growth through negative word-of-mouth. 

Example for Detractors- ask, “We’re terribly sorry you feel that way, can you please elaborate so that we can do a better job in the future? 

8 Be the Brand 

Our Brand Ambassadors at VIPdesk Connect live, breathe and ARE the brand they represent.  This is imperative when working with customers, simply ‘being’ the brand.  Use your brand language, it signals to customers that they are interacting with the brand they know and love 

If your brand is a luxury retail brand vs. a skateboarding brand, your style should reflect throughout your interaction brand language.  Speak the luxury retail brand language and understand your customer better.   

9 Do your Homework  


10 Ways to Raise your Net Promoter Score  


Research and analysis are all part of the NPS game.  Analyze the top twenty reasons customers contact customer service, the results may surprise you!  Typically, these are referred to as wrap codes or reason codes.  Customer service teams use these wrap codes to be able to predict and anticipate exactly what the customer needs.  

The number one answer, you may have guessed, is to complain.  Being able to anticipate and prepare for that complaint is everything!  

Additionally, identify top customer friction points and eliminate as many of the top friction reasons; this may include enhancing self-service.  It’s worth it to raise NPS!  

10 Talk to your Team  

Talk about NPS every month throughout your organization.  It should be a staple in your meetings or if you can, schedule a monthly meeting about NPS.  Every department works together to raise it and keep it strong.  

At VIPdesk Connect, NPS is on the top of our lists every week.  We want to elevate the customer experience.  We want to be the brand, speak the voice, keep the tone and keep the customer’s smiling.  

What gets measured grows. 

10 Ways to Raise your Net Promoter Score

Behind every great brand is a great brand experience.  


10 Ways to Raise your Net Promoter Score


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