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Exclusive Leadership Interview with Val Burns 

By: Caylin White 



VIPdesk has built a strong Leadership team over the years. Operations is an integral part of success as we all know, and the people behind it make up the entire composition. The role of Operations is meant for highly efficient, organized people that take time on the details to execute excellence.  

We have been fortunate to have Val Burns tackle this and go above and beyond to make the team feel special. We have taken the time to sit down and learn more about Val and her role here at VIPdesk.  

About Val Burns 

Valerie Burns is an extremely organized person who gets things done. She has many years of experience in expanding and maintaining virtual call centers for clients in varying industries. 

Her primary focus is to manage clients day to day business which includes customer relationships, performance and acquiring new business. Beyond her organizational skills, she has impeccable management skills and execution is her passion. It shows because she always gets things done on time and on target. 

Perhaps her secret to being so organized is the fact that she starts her day before the sun rises or maybe the dark reminds her of Alaska where she lived for 21 years. Either way, she does like her downtime and enjoys quilting, jogging and reading with her Golden Retriever Max and cats, Harmony and Murphy. 



What is your role and how long have you been with VIPdesk?   

I am the VP of Operations and I have been with VIPdesk since 2006 

What is the one job in your life that prepared you for this role and why?   

In my previous life, I was in hotel management and always managed hotels with restaurants and banquet space.    

Every day is different in that industry, you might have a convention in the hotel and deal with all the details to make it a success or just deal with normal check-ins. I also did a lot with the food and beverage side of the business, which also requires organization and patience.   

I have always been that person that was organized and handled daily pressure well.  I truly love having the variety of every day different! 


What drew you to be in the customer service world to begin with?  

I love managing people Be it people in customer service or managing the customers expectations themselves, I have always loved handling that.  

Early in my career, I had a boss/mentor that recognized my ability to deal with customers both internally and externally.  After he pointed this out, I realized my ability to try and help find solutions to problems and be in touch with people. It is important to build the working relationships needed for a successful business.   I try to do this every single day!  

What do you feel is the one key you bring to VIPdesk that is invaluable and why?   

My superpower is managing projects and facilitating meetings.    

To do this you have to be very organized, prepared and move things in a timely fashion.   I try to inject some humor and keep everyone engaged, making them feel a part of either the meeting or the project. With these awesome people I work with, they make it easy!  


What is your favorite part of your role?  

My favorite part of my role is helping groups or individuals accomplish their projects or goals.  It brings me joy when I see people accomplish their goals and if I helped in any way that is icing on the cake.  

What are your professional goals for growth with VIPdesk?  

To keep doing what I am doing until I retire. I feel I am in a wonderful groove her at VIPdesk and if I can just fine-tune the skills that I have to make the company grow, that is my mission. My goal is to make my role better daily so that the company benefits.  

What is one customer success story that really resonates with you and why?   

I don’t know that I can pick!   

The amazing team members who take care of our partnerships clients and customers have success stories every single call.  I am amazed at their talents every single day. 

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