Leadership in Luxury Retail Customer Service – Featuring Kim Nasca 

By: Caylin White  

Leadership in Luxury Retail Customer Service - Featuring Kim Nasca   

We combined luxury retail customer service with the world’s best Operations Manager and just had to share the recipe for excellence with you.  Meet Kim Nasca, leadership in luxury retail, Operations Manager at VIPdesk Connect and all things above and beyond.   

Recently, Kim earned an exclusive VIPdesk Connect Company Award for “Greatest Accomplishment”.  Kim was also recognized by her team with a surprise award for “Luxury Leadership” – both awards were well deserved!  She has proven to be a fierce leader in the customer service industry.  She has helped the company work to be included in the INC 5000, win multiple awards from ICMI and continuously excel in the customer care industry.  

Leadership in Luxury Retail Customer Service - Featuring Kim Nasca

What is your role and how long have you been with VIPdesk Connect?  

I am the Operations Manager for a prominent high-end luxury retail company.  

I have been working here since 2008, long before it became VIPdesk Connect. I am grateful to have been a part of such growth throughout the years. I am eager to continue growing with our company and team and look forward to what our future will bring. 

What did you do before working with VIPdesk Connect that helps you in this role?  

I was a student at Buffalo State College when I became employed with VIPdesk Connect working towards my degree in Criminal Justice. While working here, I discovered my passion for customer relations and quickly realized that I could see myself growing within our company.  

I really feel that my time spent working towards my degree conditioned me to understand some of the core qualities needed to provide successful customer service such as communication, time management, and organizational skills.  

What three qualities do you feel you have as a leader and how do they play a part here?  


“The phrase “You treat people how you would like to be treated” holds true for me. I feel passionate about upholding this value both in my personal life and across our team and continue to find ways to engage our team daily.

I strive to ensure that our team feels connected and supported both professionally and personally, always. My door is always open, and I am here to help in any way that can. 

Dedication and Passion   

When I immerse myself into something that I am passionate about, I become fully committed. And I can honestly say, that has been my experience here since day one. Seeing the true dedication and passion from others is especially inspirational so I do my best to exhibit that same energy within our team.  


I would like to believe that I have a knack for communication. It is my goal to bring out the best in everyone I work with as well as all projects and tasks that I am involved in. And in order to do that, communication is necessary, both to identify clear goals and to set expectations. Communication is also key to positive team growth and education. 

How do you start your day?  

With coffee! LOL but once I have coffee in hand, I am ready to face the day!  

Leadership in Luxury Retail Customer Service - Featuring Kim Nasca

I start my day by saying hello to our team and taking time to chat with them while I read through the previous evening’s emails. Team building is something that I am passionate about and I find that taking those extra few minutes multiple times throughout my day to connect with them is the first step to a positive environment.

I would like to hope that this also encourages our team members to build interpersonal relationships amongst each other as well as positively impact the way they interact with their luxury clients daily. 

How do you handle team member friction?  

If the situation is warranted, I encourage them to discuss their concerns amongst each other and share my recommendations.  

Many times, the cause of the friction may simply be a matter of confusion and/or misunderstanding. I have witnessed wonderful relationships bud from rocky starts, which is always encouraging.  

If they are agreeable to this course of action, I always make sure to follow up with each of them to understand how they are feeling, if the friction is still present and if there is anything further that I can do to assist. If the issue is irresolvable or for more serious situations, an alternative approach may be necessary. 

What do you feel is the future of customer service?  

I feel that there are many exciting changes coming to the world of customer service but one that I have personally experienced is the Social Media trend. There are no barriers any longer when it comes to customer communication via social media.  

Many companies are moving towards omni-channel customer service, including answering customer questions and handling complaints directly on social media platforms. This requires a more sensitive approach to customer service as each interaction is potentially visible to prospective and current customers.  

Additionally, on a more positive note, social media can drive business for companies exponentially! 

What are the key benefits for you working remotely? 

Leadership in Luxury Retail Customer Service - Featuring Kim Nasca

Working remotely has been a blessing! 

Not only is my commute approximately one minute but it also includes a fully stocked kitchen and my own personal coffee shop, LOL. Really though, I am grateful for the additional time with my family as it provides the perfect work/life balance. 

Looking back on your earlier days, what advice would you give yourself?  

My younger self found change to be extremely difficult and scary at times.  

Both within my personal life and my career at VIPdesk Connect, I have experienced my fair share of change. I realize now that it’s all about how I approach it. Asking questions, speaking up, and understanding expectations is key for a successful and less stressful change.  

In fact, when handling in this manner, I often become excited and welcome these new endeavors.   


A special thanks to Kim for a peek inside her world!  Hope this is beneficial to all leadership in luxury retail Operations Managers of the world and if you need additional information on our services, please check out our services page here -> vipdeskconnect.com/our-services 


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