Elevated CX for Brands that Care

More Human Customer Service

Elevated CX for Brands that Care

More Human Customer Service



Elevated Service

  • As your partner, we offer 20 years of experience expertise delivering amazing service for brands that care
  • Located across the US, our team of experts deliver exceptional service for escalated, and complex customer inquiries
  • Our NLU insights, strategy, technology, and partnership allow for more human interactions with your customers
  • We guarantee we will improve your NPS, CSAT

CX Technology

  • Our CX Technology platform combines AI automation with traditional omnichannel customer experience management to provide an optimized customer experience.
  • Our platform is designed to help businesses automate and deflect low value interactions to elevate customer service.
  • Our thoughtfully designed automation capabilities help businesses process and respond to customer inquiries quickly and effectively.

CX Insights & Strategies

  • We analyze 100% of interactions using our NLU platform to identify brand, product, and service improvement opportunities
  • We custom design a CX Strategy tailored to your business goals
  • Our approach reduces the number of low-value customer interactions by 50% or more
  • We help optimize customer service to provide an elevated customer experience

Proud to be a Certified B Corporation.™


Certified B Corporations around the world


Spanning over 150 Industries

For us it’s all about being more human

We speak the most beautiful language on the planet. It’s called “customer care.” We believe all humans deserves a respectful and positive customer experience. We understand that every interaction with a brand is an opportunity to create a fan for life. We believe frustrations and issues can be effectively solved by technology. And when customers do contact the brands they love, we do our best to make the world a little bit better by elevating the customer service experience.

We are especially adept at hearing what isn’t said. By listening, asking and listening some more. And then thoughtfully answering with care and respect. It’s what we are passionate about. It’s what we are skilled to do. It’s how we care for our team members.

VIPdesk's CX Solutions

VIP Elevated US CX

Phone, Email, Chat, Video Chat, SMS and Social; operating 24/7 365 days year.

VIP Global Hybrid CX

US-based operations with global staffing partnerships near-shore and offshore.

VIP Concierge Backoffice

VIPdesk incorporates our rich concierge history and knowledge into all client relationships.

VIP AI Analytics

Advanced AI analytics to leverage all customer interactions and realize efficiencies.

VIP Technology

VIPdesk’s technology provides all you need for a successful contact center.

We offer tailor-made CX solutions to brands placing the highest value on:

Enhancing customer experience with elevated CX

Partnering with a provider that operates with B Corp principles

Improving their Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Humanizing customer interactions

Eliminating unnecessary volume by reducing customer friction

Working with customer service professionals that earn a living wage

More Human CX for Brands that Care

Over 80% of our Senior Leadership are Women82%
Over 70% of our Team are Women71%
Over 44% of our Team is Diverse44%

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