Customer Service Excellence: A 5 Step Guide 

 By: Caylin White 

Customer service excellence, it’s the ultimate golden goblet.  Here at VIPdesk Connect, we specialize in improving the customer experience.  You may be thinking, we have heard that before, everybody says they provide excellent customer service in the outsourcing industry.  That is true!  

We are happy to shine the light on how we do this.  Or, should we say, how our amazing team does this for our clients.  Our team will show you how we get there – customer service excellence.  

Our Mission, you ask? 

We are committed to ELEVATING the human interaction experience – delivering positive customer experiences through team members we deeply care about. 

We believe if we take great care of our team members, they will, in turn, take great care of our client’s customers. 

Here are five steps to customer service excellence: 

Brand Composition 

Customer Service Excellence: A 5 Step Guide

Teamwork makes the dream work!  

Our team believes in true collaborative partnerships with our clients and it involves working and solving challenges together, as a team. 

In this initial phase, we immerse ourselves in the brand to understand what makes it unique and to understand any challenges.  

We spend time with our clients, getting a sound understanding of their business philosophy. We analyze their products and services, uncovering their goals and objectives. It’s fun!  

Next, we define the job requirements and key competencies needed for success.  What expertise are we looking for and what passions are vital for success.  

We then analyze and discuss current business needs in order to determine the best solutions to maximize profitability; forming a sound strategy to convert customers into raving fans and boost bottom line revenues. 

Customer Service Excellence: A 5 Step Guide


Leading by example!   

We then will assemble the leadership team who will work diligently to hire A-players matched exclusively to the brand! We use our comprehensive sourcing and recruiting strategy, by our very own, Maggie Piper-Presing 

We work remotely and provide remote support, so there are no geographic limitations!   

“We receive thousands of applications per year, giving us the opportunity to hire the best of the best.” – Maggie Piper-Presing, VIPdesk Connect    

We perform background checks and a customized assessment to ensure a candidate meets a specific client’s job specifications, ensuring that the talent selected is aligned with the brand. By matching the talent with the brand, we consistently recruit and retain A-Players with reduced attrition. 

Only the best of the best for our brands!  


Customer Service Excellence: A 5 Step Guide

Time to shout out the trainers!  

Our dedicated trainers and customized training programs prepare our Brand Ambassadors to live their brand and meet or exceed the metrics specified.  

Our Brand Ambassadors get the customers they serve. They are into the same things and speak their language!  They live and breathe the brand.  

Once the Brand Ambassadors are in place, we train associates and configure, customize, and test the system to meet the requirements identified in the Discovery phase. We will also perform comprehensive end-to-end system testing to ensure successful integration. 

Just ask one of our own –> How the Skullcandy Brand Ambassadors Truly LIVE their Brand

Fine Tuning  

Customer Service Excellence: A 5 Step Guide

It’s all in the details.   

During this phase, we provide a preview of the system and solicit client feedback to ensure that all of the systems are functioning optimally and that service levels are being met. 

Sometimes this involves the software like Loxysoft and technology like Bright Pattern, that we use to excel.  We believe in making sure that all details are taken care of up front so our teams can focus on excellent customer service.  

Amplify Customer Relationships 

Now down to the most important thing, customer relationships!  

Finally, we’ll move into the daily operations and management phase. We provide our clients with a steady stream of performance data, always striving to improve processes in order to increase our clients’ bottom lines. 

We ensure outstanding customer experiences by providing excellent service to both our clients and their customers. 

The bottom line is ‘The client’s bottom line’ is the bottom line. 

Customer service excellence, the golden goblet is not that far!  Follow the guide and you will succeed!

Customer Service Excellence: A 5 Step Guide

Hope this was a beneficial step by step process to how we achieve excellence in customer service.  If you would like additional information, please reach out to our VP of Sales and Marketing, Othmar at 



VIPdesk Connect Team  

Customer Service Excellence: A 5 Step Guide