3 Modern Contact Center Trends Dissected

1,800 attendees. 160+ sponsors and exhibitors. These numbers combined with insightful discussions made a Call Center Week 2015 which did not fail to disappoint.

Q: What exactly were the key insights of Contact Center Week 2015?

A: (See Below)

1) Key To Great Customer Experience = A Happy and Fulfilled Agent

Businesses have traditionally focused on the key phrase “great customer service,” but have failed to determine the root of it. However, more and more businesses are beginning to understand that great customer service lies in the hands of those who help produce it – the agents.

A happier team member (as we like to call our agents at VIPdesk Connect) = A more complete customer experience.

Hence, it is crucial for a business to invest heavily in:

  1. Agent training
  2. Tools which will help increase agent productivity
  3. Incentives for increased job satisfaction & retention

Happy Contact Center Representative

2) Omni-Channel Experience = Requirement, not Mandatory 

In today’s evolving marketplace, it is critical to be able to seamlessly meet the customers wherever they are. Additionally, it is crucial to provide whichever channel they prefer to communicate through.

The ability to provide multichannel support is no longer a luxury, it is a requirement. Omni-channel support is crucial to creating brand loyalty and an intimate brand relationship.

3) Greater Demand For Customized and Integrated Solutions

At Call Center Week 2015, there was excitement surrounding powerful new technology platforms that enable true omni-channel experiences tailored to the specific needs of different businesses.

What exactly does this entail?

Every business and brand is different as they have different needs and target audiences among many differentiating factors. Customer service must be dynamic and flexible.

This is similar to the ideology we adopt at VIPdesk Connect as we have integrate our solutions in customized, tailored plans for our cliental.

We turn Customers Into Raving Fans (Contact Centers)

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