Brand Ambassadors make the customer service world go ’round.

We recently had a conversation with our team here at VIPdesk Connect about how important customer service is these days.  When you think of the word itself, customer service, you think of an entity perhaps, like a whole.  But there are many working parts to customer service that make up the magic that is.  

What makes up customer service?  

People.  People are the heart and soul of all customer service and experience.  We are so fortunate to have many amazing people on our staff here, and we feel it is important to lift them up.   We call them Brand Ambassadors because they are so much more than Customer Service Representatives. 

Toma Kulbytė  writes, “Since 89% of businesses are soon expected to compete mainly on customer experience, organizations that take customer experience seriously will stand out from the noise and win loyal customers over.” 

We take it very seriously.  

Why Brand Ambassadors?  

We take our values very seriously; they influence virtually everything we do. Our values make us a better company and help attract talented team members who deliver amazing service for our clients.

Through clear and honest communications, both with our Brand Ambassadors as well as with our clients, we work hard to share knowledge and information in a way that allows us to be the most successful partner and employer.

Commitment to our clients, their customers and to our Brand Ambassadors is the backbone of our value proposition.

Through visionary innovation and questioning the status quo, we are constantly improving. We do this to stay in tune with the ever-changing customer experience environment. 

Who are behind the scenes creating an excellent customer experience?

Our Brand Ambassadors!  We want to highlight a very special individual who joined VIPdesk Connect in 2015.  Gina has a go-to attitude, fabulous communication skills and handles her job with grace.  She is always open to coaching and bettering herself and is consistently performing at high standards.   She is a Brand Ambassador for a very high-end luxury brand and loves her role. 

We sat down for an exclusive interview with Gina Johnson, Brand Ambassador with VIPdesk Connect

brand ambassadors

What do you love most about being a Brand Ambassador?   

I love so much. Where do I start? 

First, and most of all I love all the wonderful people I have had the opportunity to work with every day.  I have friends all over the US, thanks to VIPdesk Connect.  

I love how everyone is so positive and helpful.  

I also love the opportunity to work from home, it gives me a chance to spend more time with my family, while working, doing what I love.   

I love doing customer service and I love fashion and beauty!  I look forward to work every day at VIPdesk Connect!

What can you say is different about VIPdesk Connect vs other companies?  

VIPdesk Connect has a culture of positivity.  Everyone is always so happy to help each other out.   VIPdesk Connect cares about all their employees personally and it shows. 

What is one way you motivate yourself to start your day right?  

Here in Houston we’ve had a hard year, so to stay positive, every day I just try to be happy about what I do have (Life, Health and Family) instead of focusing on all of the negativity.

What is your personal philosophy on work and customer service?  

Be nice!

Learn from your mistakes.  

Everyone has bad days, so just learn from them and get it right the next time.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?  

Working for VIPdesk Connect of course! 😊 ❤ 


When it comes to customer service and being a Brand Ambassador, it’s all about the people.

Thanks, Gina for providing excellent service for a stellar customer experience!  


VIPdesk Connect Team