Our History

Evolving the Customer Care Experience

The history of VIPdesk has always been about continuing to elevate the customer care experience. We have done this by being passionate collaborators with the world’s iconic brands and to those aspiring to become one.

When formed in 1997, VIPdesk provided concierge services for luxury brands and their affluent customers. Over time, our suite of offerings expanded to include customer care for luxury retailers, hospitality, travel, consumer products, and financial services. As the service delivery model evolved, we transitioned from centralized call centers to a more personal, flexible at-home model thanks to exceptional talent.

After a global merger in 2010, VIPdesk led a global rollout of concierge standards for operations in 27 countries. These countries included Japan, China, India and Germany. Then, in 2014, VIPdesk became the company it is today as our CEO Sally Hurley formed a new independent corporate entity and helped shape the customer care model now part of our DNA.

Today, VIPdesk is all about being more human. We believe that by elevating the experience of our team members, they will deliver an amazing customer experience helping build long-term loyalty for your brand.


Origins of VIPdesk began as the company provided concierge services for luxury brands and their affluent customers


Global merger and rollout of concierge standards for operations in 27 countries


VIPdesk spin-off by our CEO, Sally Hurley and formed as a new independent corporate entity


VIPdesk launched customer care for the world’s most iconic luxury retail brand


CEO Sally Hurley informed new focus on service for luxury brands


Present continuing efforts to elevate the customer experience through our passionate team members and by combining state-of-the-art technology with a more human process


Launched service for clean beauty and wellness brands. Became a Certified B Corporation® meeting rigorous standards of performance, accountability and transparency.