VIPdesk Connect compiles ten of the best customer service books you need in your library, NOW.

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The Amazement Revolution: Seven Customer Service Strategies to Create an Amazing Customer (and Employee) Experience 

By Shep Hyken  

This is not Shep’s first rodeo.  In this sequel to the bestseller The Cult of the Customer, he delivers seven successful strategies to create greater customer and employee experience. His philosophy is that customer service isn’t just a department-(yes!)-it includes every person and aspect of all departments in every company. The Amazement Revolution helps to hoist up customer service during this tough economy in a way that stands out against the competition.  When it comes to customer service books to read, this should be at the top of your list. 

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Customer Experience 3.0: High-Profit Strategies in the Age of Techno Service  

By John A. Goodman 

Since we are operating customer service on all levels, in an omnichannel world, customers have come to expect higher standards and instant gratification.  Customer Experience 3.0 contains a customer-experience derived outline of how to deal with the different social channels in which we reach out for customer service.  

Find out how to Create an effective customer access strategy, understand and answer the voice of the customer to help improve products and services, utilize sales and CRM systems effectively with trending metrics and go above and beyond to satisfy each and every customer.  

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Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers 

By Jay Baer  

No one tackles how to deal with complaints better than Baer.  Hug Your Haters takes a very modern spin on customer service in making sure that each company understands all the different ways to reach their customers through the various social channels.  

Baer encourages organizations to weave their customer service solutions around these social networks to not only combat complaints but to treat questions and solve problems publicly.  

Hug your Haters teaches you to do that just – kill them with kindness.  Turn trolls into positive feedback evangelists.  

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The Thank You Economy  

By Gary Vaynerchuk   

Vaynerchuk keeps it very real with The Thank You Economy.  The power of ‘thank you’ is the basic premise here in that we are all functioning as a community trying to please customers.  It isn’t a wildly different concept, it’s basic human interaction.  We are all providing a product or service that derives customer service, so why not stick to the basics of being human?  

Following the bestseller, Crush It!, Vaynerchuk writes of the value of social interactions and less on the statistics of the numbers game.  Valuing the social aspect allows organizations to see customer service through the a well-balanced lens.  

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Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose 

By Tony Hsieh 

If you want to get down to earth, laugh and understand an awesome company culture Delivering Happiness is the book to read.  It is a true testament to the company culture of Zappos, a one-of-a-kind organization determined to make customer experience it’s number one priority. 

Hsieh’s philosophy is that no matter what you are doing, customer service is what you SHOULD be doing.  Without the backbone of the authenticity of pure customer service, the rest will fall away.  Read all about ways in which to put customer service first and how it will make for a successful solution.  

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Outside In: The Power of Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business 

By Harley Manning and Kerry Bodine 

The power of the principle being that every single person in the company should care about customer service is what Outside In writes on.  Small or large companies, it doesn’t matter, from the CEO to the Customer Service team, it should be all hands on deck.  

Customer-centricity is the core of this book and you will learn such values of authentic connections, customer trust and solid foundations that are driving companies to success. Both authors have a unique voice throughout the book and really hit home with the core belief that customer service is a true team effort.  

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The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers  

By Ben Horowitz 

The Hard Thing About Hard Things faces the hard truths about building and running a business.  It is a truthful testament to the everyday struggles that leaders all over the world face.  It takes a personal stance for Horowitz in his related experiences which is a refreshing viewpoint for the reader. 

He paints a very vivid picture of how business is tough and can be whipped into a success story if you know the correct way in which to deal with the challenges.  It has a combination of lessons learned, wisdom and advice, creative song implementation and a lot of humor.  Prepare to learn the hard way.  

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Customer Obsessed  

By Eric Berridge  

Not only do we love this title, but the book itself embodies a very holistic approach to delivering excellent customer service. Customer Obsessed provides another outlook encouraging organizations as a whole to truly be on board for all customer needs.  Proving, yet again, that every department plays a huge role in customer success.  

Berridge writes not only about customer support being a company wide effort, but also of how to truly gain that competitive edge in doing so.  He dares you to stand out and be creative in every attempt to provide elite customer service.  Be different than the rest and you may survive the wild world of customer service.  

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The Effortless Experience 

By Matthew Dixon 

We all get that you must provide great customer service to be successful.  What Dixon preaches is that you must create an atmosphere where your customer service team wants to ‘surprise and delight’.  Creating a successful team will create a successful customer experience.  

Dixon breaks down in The Effortless Experience how historical greats like Apple use tiny victories of the surprise and delight element to boost their Net Promoter Score in large ways.  There are also snippets of advice on how to do this without breaking the budget.  As far as customer service books go, this should be fairly high on your list. 

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The Customer Support Handbook 

By Sarah Hatter 

This should be in the hands of every business owner out there as it is one of the original customer support books that paves the way for customer success. The Customer Support Handbook pulls together leaders, thinkers and doers all over the world to feature articles, quotes and features.  

This book features a variety of topics, it doesn’t soley focus on one single thing.  It is a go-to guide for all things customer support with creative ways to solve ordinary problems.  It’s crucial to start at the beginning and read through to the end to get all the gems that will save you patience, time, energy and resources.  

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Each and every one of these customer service books will enlighten, engage and help to create success.

We hope this has filled your library to the brim and you can learn from each and every one of these books!  


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