VIPdesk Announces New and Existing Client Growth and Expansion of its Team by 61%

VIPdesk is continuing its rapid growth pace into the holiday season. As an award winning BPO of outsourced customer experience solutions, the company specializes in utilizing a remote work team. In a challenging business environment, caused by the unprecedented impacts of the COVID 19 pandemic, VIPdesk more than demonstrated the strength of the remote work customer service model which has been utilized by VIPdesk’s business for the last twenty years.

“We are extremely grateful to not only support our existing team and clients but record another significant expansion of our business during challenging times,” said Sally Hurley, CEO of VIPdesk. “We believe this is a testament to our strong – more human – culture which foundation is a strong focus on the well-being of our amazing team members.”

While VIPdesk was able to retain all its clients, the company’s long history with a business model built on a remote workforce was key to attracting new clients. With the goal of delivering authentic and elevated customer experiences via an innovative omni-channel platform, VIPdesk knew the advantages of the nationwide work-at-home model. In 2020, this business-model not only became a choice but a requirement, allowing VIPdesk and other companies focused on work-at-home technology / services to showcase their specific strengths.

VIPdesk directly benefitted from the volume increases in the consumer electronic, luxury retail and home improvement industries caused by the rapid shift from traditional retail to e-commerce. Customer service played a more important role in the customer journey as the disruption of supply chain and distribution resulted in additional contact volume. In addition, VIPdesk was able to capitalize on new business opportunities such as supporting virtual graduation services to 750 schools and universities and adding the largest membership organization in the US to its family of clients.

Othmar Mueller von Blumencron, VP of Sales & Marketing of VIPdesk, added, “We are excited about the current and future opportunities for our company and team-members. Never in our history were our work-at-home services and solutions as relevant as today. We are confident that we are leading our industry with our ability to offer an elevated customer service solution with an inclusive team of culturally aligned Brand Ambassadors.”

As a certified B-Corp, VIPdesk enthusiastically embraces the philosophies of this purpose-driven community which works toward reducing inequality, lowering the levels of poverty, contributing to a healthier environment, building stronger communities, and creating more high quality jobs with dignity and purpose. The company believes that never in its history has its role in helping companies being successful in this new business environment more central than it is today. VIPdesk has published numerous blogs, podcasts and webinars at to help companies be successful in this challenging environment and will continue to demonstrate its thought-leadership through such channels.

About VIPdesk

VIPdesk, a premium provider of outsourced customer experience solutions, utilizes a select team of remote work Brand Ambassadors (customer service professionals), located throughout the U.S., to provide elevated customer experience for iconic brands and those that aspire to become one. As a certified B-Corp, Women-Owned-Corporation and Top Workplace winner, VIPdesk is on a mission to elevate the human experience with its team members and its partners. Talented team members of VIPdesk not only excel in delivering superior customer service but are passionate ambassadors of the brands they serve. VIPdesk’s suite of services include Omni-Channel Customer service handling including all traditional and digital contact channels, full AI and assisted AI solutions, CX Insights, social media management, back office support and customer experience consulting. Visit for more information or @VIPdesk on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Othmar Mueller von Blumencron