Award Winning Brand Ambassador of the Year: Dawn May  

VIPdesk Connect Team Member Highlight of the Month  

By: Caylin White  

Award Winning Brand Ambassador of the Year: Dawn May


Every year, we host our Annual Awards ceremony, as you may have read in our latest piece, VIPdesk Connect Annual Awards, Recognition in Customer Success.   We truly feel it is important to recognize our team’s successes.  We have had several amazing winners this year and we had a wonderful ceremony celebrating their hard work!  

This year the Brand Ambassador of the Year was Dawn May!  Dawn has worked tirelessly with a wonderful attitude, a go-to spirit and a passion for customer service success.  We had the chance to sit down with her and chat about her award-winning Brand Ambassador experience and wanted to share.  

When asked to provide a few words regarding Dawn, I must say that few words would not give justice to how much she has contributed to our program through the years.  

Dawn is passionate about anything she does for training, teaching, and creating our documents. Her organized way of presenting complex material in a simplified fashion along with finding new ways to demonstrate using the different applications far exceeds expectations. Her energy is boundless and her natural caring approach to the new hires makes them feel empowered and ready to hit the ground running. Dawn is always ready to help anyone and always assists others when asked to do something outside of the norm.  

Our program successes are shaped by gems like Dawn and we are so lucky to have her with this program!” – Arlene Czyzowski, Operations Manager, Home Advisor Team 


What is your role at VIPdesk Connect and how long have you been here?  

I started with VIPdesk in August 2011 on a program for a prestigious financial services account. I later moved to the HomeAdvisor program where I am now a Brand Ambassador and a Trainer.  

I also am also honored to be a Brand Ambassador Expert. When wearing this hat, I help provide support to my peers via live chat. I am here to answer questions for other Brand Ambassadors, give them tips and reminders, and other fun stuff.  

I am also a Trainer for the program. I get to enjoy training our new Brand Ambassadors and helping them succeed on the program. 


Congrats on winning the Brand Ambassador of the Year Award!  What do you think helped aid in winning for you?  

The team I work with.  

Great managers, wonderful service leaders, and a great team overall. Without them being there to help me when I need it or letting me help them when they need it, I would never have won.  

They let me be me and that makes a huge difference.  


What is your favorite thing about what you do?  

Helping others. I get to help homeowners and business owners with problems they are having. Everything from needing lawn care to a house being destroyed by a natural disaster, they need our help!  

I also get to help my co-workers if they need anything. My most favorite, helping a new team member learn the ropes and watching them succeed. 🙂 

Award Winning Brand Ambassador of the Year: Dawn May

What do you feel makes you successful day to day?  

I wake every morning and thank God that my family is alive and well!   

Also, I get the chance in some small way to help someone else find the help they need to make their life just a little better. Even if it is something small like just coordinating having junk hauled away, ha! 


As a Brand Ambassador, how do you go above and beyond your role?   

That is a hard one because our whole team always goes above and beyond! Basically, if someone needs help from covering hours to needing a question answered, if I can then I will do my best.  

Even if I do not know the answer, I will help them find it and we will learn it together. I do not look at it as going above and beyond. I look at it as helping someone out. 


Home Advisor


What are your three favorite things about working with your brand?  

I have learned a lot about home improvement. When I started, I knew nothing, so I am always learning something new. 

Second, it is always changing and expanding. I tend to ‘complain’ about the changes, but they are basically new challenges. It keeps me on my toes. 

Lastly, (saving the best for last), the people. I work with the best group of people. This group is amazing in helping one another. Even on a bad day, someone will always put a smile on my face. They may not always know it, but they do. 


What advice do you have for other Brand Ambassadors out there?  

Never, take a job in customer service personal.  

You are just the first line and the one dealing with the caller who may be upset and they will take it out on to you. Shake it off and do not let it affect how you see yourself or the way of handing your next caller.  

“For every irate customer you have, you will put a smile on a hundred others and make their day a little brighter just by being you and offering to help.” – Dawn May 

What is your favorite quote and why? 

“Never say never.” 

I do not know who said it, but it would have to be my favorite and I use it a lot. It is so true.  

You never know what you will face in the next minute, hour, day, etc. For good or bad, you never know what you will say or do until the one moment in time when you are facing whatever is before you.  


VIPdesk Connect


To all of our amazing Brand Ambassadors out there, thank you!   

Thanks for taking the time to care for others and shining bright about it.  We appreciate all that you do to make the customer feel special.  A shout out to Dawn for continuing to showcase the VIPdesk Connect values.  You deserve the Brand Ambassador of the Year award, keep shining!   


VIPdesk Connect team


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