Social Media Management

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Social Media Management

When it comes to customer service, companies are no longer limited to traditional communication channels such as phone and email. Social media has become a popular way for customers to engage with brands. In fact, according to HubSpot, 61% of customers prefer a brand response via social media over any other method!

Brand Management Across Platforms

In addition to traditional communication channels, many customers today prefer to engage with brands via social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. A comprehensive customer service strategy includes the monitoring of customer feedback on all social channels. Often customers will seek customer service via social media outlets because this is their primary engagement channel. An integrated approach ensures timely responses via social channels.

Our Social Media Management Solution:

We provide social media management services that seamlessly integrate the entire customer experience with a single voice. Social media monitoring is valuable for brand discovery, building trends, monitoring of new campaigns and products, and identifying influencers that can become valuable partners. Social customer service via direct messaging enhances the customer service experience by giving customers an easy way to interact with your business. Social posts are monitored at all hours so you can respond quickly to any questions or comments posted publicly by your audience

1- Social Media Monitoring & Response – discover key conversations happening around your brand; monitor customer posts and provide public responses

2- Live Social Customer Service (via DM) – Social media provides seamless access to your audience

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