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When people think about customer service, they probably envision a person on the other end of the phone or in-person interactions. Digital platforms have become ubiquitous, there are more customer service channels than ever before. Combined with COVID-19’s impact driving customers to online shopping channels, it’s clear that companies have to make a real effort to balance automation with human assistance.

The Digital Customer Delight Study sponsored by VIPdesk, asked over 1,000 US customers about their experiences with customer service and expectations for the future. The results confirmed that digital channels are preferred:

  • 48% of delighted customers utilized a digital channel.
  • These customers compared to 22% that used voice channels.
  • While digital channels are the preferred methods of communication, they also happen to rank higher in terms of customer satisfaction.

Our Digital Customer Service Solution:

When it comes to digital customer service, there are solutions that put humans and artificial intelligence (AI) together. This involves using the AI as a “first level” of defense for basic queries before handing them off to a human (or team of humans).

Our solutions include several options:

1– Internal only AI assists our customer service professionals (Brand Ambassadors) with all interactions by serving up information they need in order to be most efficient and deliver a great customer experience.

2– External AI typically combines chatbots and live experts (Brand Ambassadors) who handle escalated customer service requests.

3– 100% Automation with chatbots providing automated answers for customers. Of course we don’t recommend this unless there is a logical scenario where the customer is better served by a bot than they go ignored.

The digital experience improves team satisfaction

VIPdesk helps clients design tailor-made customer service strategies that include digital channels and voice to maximize efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction. Every client has different needs, and we collaborate to determine individual requirements and provide a tailor-made solution. Our digital customer service platform enables brands to offer superior service with the highest satisfaction for their customer care program. Our white-glove solutions help brands design a custom and elevated service strategy through integrated approaches that include phone, social, and other digital channels.

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