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High Touch Concierge Back-Office Solutions

VIPdesk incorporates our rich concierge history and knowledge into all client relationships. No other BPO has Concierge expertise. Our Concierge Back-Office Service includes exclusive off-script servicing for the most valuable customers. Special touches designed exclusively for each brand. High-touch services include personalized written notes, hand delivered items, exclusive event outreach and more.


VIPdesk provides recommendations and staffing for “offline” functions that are customized according to the needs of each client. “Offline” support will be provided as well as training so that staff can provide critical support to the front-office. “Offline” functions can include fraud control processes, escalations, voice of the customer responses, shipping coordination, and warehouse communication. “Offline” may also include non-voice support and managing escalated management operations. VIPdesk’s solutions are flexible so that daily business can be maintained without interruption.

Conversational Commerce

Gain an edge over your competitors with conversational commerce! This strategy takes customer service digital, enabling companies to engage in real-time conversations and provide personalized solutions -all the while reaching thousands of potential customers. Conversations can be hosted on social media sites, messenger apps or through a website that integrates direct communication. To make sure no conversation goes unanswered live agents are available alongside powerful chatbots for efficient resolution times and proactive outreach strategies

Concierge Back Office Solutions

Review Management

Our solutions track your customers and monitor and respond to online reviews in real-time.

Social Media Monitoring

Our social media management services seamlessly integrate with your cx in a unified voice.

OB Welcome Calls

Outbound calls to new members and customers with a personal touch.

Handwritten Notes

VIPdesk incorporates our rich concierge history into all client relationships.

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