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Elevated AI Analytics

Say goodbye to manual evaluations and hello to VIPdesk’s VIP AI Analytics! We provide you with the innovative technology you need to better analyze customer interactions while ensuring optimal agent performance. Our AI analytics tool has the capability to review 100% of all transactions – no matter how big or small – so that your business can identifying areas of improvement quickly and efficiently.

Let us give you the tools you need to make sure your customer service agents are delivering world-class support every day. Together, we can create an effective strategy for streamlining operations, eliminating redundancies, and saving time and money.

VIP AI Quality Analytics
VIPdesk’s Advanced AI Quality Analytics is the ideal resource for companies looking to stay on top of their customer interactions in order to optimize agent performance. With our AI Quality Analytics, managers and decision-makers can easily access key metrics and scores so they have a full understanding of their customer service team’s performance.
Great 8 Quality Score
Talk Style/Tone
Agent Sentiment
Average Handle Time
Realizing Efficiencies

Our analytics system uses insightful cutting edge technology to monitor 100% of interactions while leveraging agent metrics with our great 8 quality score, allowing you to get an overall assessment of the level of quality being provided by your agents. With this advanced analytic tool, you can effortlessly track agent trends and make informed decisions about how best to improve your customer service team for ultimate success. Streamline your customer service team operations with VIPdesk’s Advanced AI Quality Analytics today!

VIP AI Conversational Analytics
VIPdesk’s AI Conversational Analytics is revolutionizing the way companies interact with their customers. Utilizing advanced AI technology, VIPdesk provides sentiment, intent, and interest analysis, VIPdesk’s analytical suite allows companies to gain powerful insights into these conversations quickly and accurately.
Volume Drivers
Quality Alerts
Top Products
Call Outcomes
Client Sentiment
Personalize Customer Experiences

Our solutions are designed to streamline customer communication while providing true business insights that allow companies to make better decisions in real-time. Now, data driven decisions can be made faster than ever before – allowing companies to optimize their operations and stay one-step ahead of their competition.

Leverage VIPdesk’s AI Conversational Analytics today to better understand the needs of your customers and keep them engaged in personalized interactions that build strong relationships – turning them into loyal advocates!

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