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With the expansion of channels and customer service technologies, comes the complexity of how to manage the data from multiple platforms. Not to mention, it is increasingly difficult to interpret the data coming from each siloed application and a costly process for any company. Contact center platforms have standard data, but they are often independent of other platforms in use such as CRMs, order management, web analytics, Quality, VOC, CSAT, or NPS data.

Often a single view of any one component tells an incomplete story or hides critical issues to be addressed. Gaining a complete understanding is time consuming and expensive without some type of cohesive approach. Getting a 360-degree view of the customer experience requires synthesizing multiple data sets to reveal truly insightful information.

Our Customer Experience Insights Solutions:

– Voice Analytics

In today’s highly competitive landscape, Customer Experience is a key differentiator. Customer service and support touch an organization at every level – internally and externally — and has a significant impact on customer retention, satisfaction, loyalty and overall bottom line. Understanding the Voice of Customer starts with internal Customer Service data – but without knowing exactly what data to pull from which systems, it can be challenging for organizations to turn this data into actionable insights. Fortunately, VIPdesk provides customer experience insights and analytics as part of our portfolio of services.

– Agent Analytics – Customer Insights Portal™

Our solution leverages a proprietary tool that provides a way to gain deep and actionable insights for our clients’ customer service organizations. Our solution leverages a proprietary tool that can capture, consolidate and organize data from multiple sources in order to in order to provide a 360 degree view of the overall customer experience. Our Customer Insights Portal™ combines all of the data you need — across multiple platforms and sources – into one collaborative interface. This means that Customer Experience insights are always up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive.

VIPdesk helps companies understand the whole view by providing a variety of methods for us to capture, consolidate and organize data from all sources in order to provide analysis, visualizations and reporting on site operations. Through dynamic data collection, consolidation and analysis, VIPdesk enables deep and actionable insights into any enterprise-level organization. The VIPdesk Insights Portal allows for the collection of all data components. This level of visibility enables companies to proactively identify opportunities for improvement.

– Quality Analytics

VIPdesk understands that quality analytics are the cornerstone of a successful customer service department. We analyze customer satisfaction scores such as CSAT and NPS to determine a baseline for where our clients are and what changes need to be made to improve these scores. These are key performance indicators for customer service and product quality.

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