Elevated Customer Service Outsourcing

Our tailor-made solutions provide maximum flexibility and support. Outsourcing across all service channels- Phone, Email, Chat, Video Chat, SMS and Social; operating 24/7 365 days year. 

Peace of Mind Across All Channels

Phone Support

With trained professionals on hand 24/7, our phone support service provides immediate, real-time assistance to your customers, resolving their queries efficiently and with a personal touch.

Chat Support

Our live chat support offers instant online assistance, providing a convenient and effective communication channel for your customers.

Social Media Support

In today’s digital age, our team excels in handling customer interactions on social media platforms, maintaining your brand’s reputation and ensuring seamless customer engagement.

Email Support

Our responsive email support team provides detailed, timely responses to customer inquiries, ensuring your customers feel heard and valued.

SMS Support

By facilitating customer service via text message, we provide quick, easy-to-access solutions for customers on the move.

Video Support

Our video support option enables face-to-face interaction, giving a personalized touch and deeper level of connection to your customer service experience.

Review Management:

We handle customer reviews efficiently, addressing issues, acknowledging positive feedback, and maintaining your brand’s image in the public domain.


Our skilled teams adeptly manage escalations, ensuring timely resolution and maintaining customer satisfaction even in complex situations.

Concierge Services

Rooted in our heritage of providing high-touch, high-class service, we offer concierge-level support that delivers an even greater level of elevated customer experience, particularly beneficial for companies seeking to go outside of the box of “standard customer service.

Global Service Delivery

We are committed to redefining outsourced customer service with our truly elevated approach across the globe. With a distinguished background in serving luxury and premium brands, we go above and beyond to deliver exceptional support that exceeds expectations. Experience our elevated outsourced customer service solutions in our carefully selected global locations, designed to provide an unparalleled level of service.

Create Your Dream Team

US-based – 40+ States; 25+ Years of Experience:

Immerse your customers in the epitome of luxury with our US-based customer service team. Spanning over 40 states, our extensively trained professionals possess an inherent understanding of the discerning expectations of luxury clientele. With their comprehensive knowledge of the local market dynamics and cultural nuances, our US-based team ensures an elevated customer experience that reflects the essence of your brand.

Offshore – Philippines Capabilities:

Unleash the power of a global talent pool through our offshore capabilities in the Philippines. Renowned for its exceptional outsourcing expertise, the Philippines provides a wealth of skilled professionals fluent in English and adept at delivering elevated customer service. By leveraging this talent, we guarantee seamless communication, impeccable service, and a touch of luxury that will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Nearshore – Costa Rica Capabilities:

Experience elevated customer service with our nearshore team in Costa Rica. Boasting a highly skilled workforce with a strong cultural affinity to the United States, our team in Costa Rica effortlessly embodies the luxury and premium experience that your brand represents. With their fluency in English and deep understanding of the North American market, they seamlessly integrate with your operations, ensuring exceptional service that sets you apart.

Hybrid – Digital Offshore with Phone in the US:

Embrace innovation and efficiency through our hybrid model, which combines digital offshore support with US-based phone services. This dynamic approach enables you to provide an elevated customer experience while optimizing cost-efficiency. Our carefully crafted blend of resources ensures that your customers receive seamless and personalized service that surpasses their expectations

Partner with VIPdesk and unlock a world of elevated outsourced customer service today.

We are committed to elevating your brand’s customer service to new heights. Our global locations, coupled with our expertise in serving luxury and premium brands, allow us to tailor our solutions to your unique requirements. Trust us to deliver an elevated customer experience that captures the essence of your brand and leaves a lasting impression on your customers.

Our Industries

It is not just outsourced customer service. VIPdesk award-winning customer experience and business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions are tailor-made for your brand and designed to enhance your customers’ brand experiences across all touchpoints and all channels.

Our ability to do so is a direct result of our 25-year concierge heritage. Given that history, it’s easy to understand why many of the world’s most luxurious brands choose us to help them design and elevate the customer experience.

Over 25 Years of Remote Expertise

The Best Customer Service is Delivered by Amazing People. In 2001, we pioneered remote work in the customer service industry long before it became a trend due to the pandemic. Many businesses can say they run a remote operation, but they may not have the depth of expertise required to run a successful remote culture. VIPdesk is known for its expertise in providing elevated outsourced customer service brands across a variety of industries and leveraged a vast recruiting pool to hire the absolute best people. Over the past 20 years, we’ve refined our approach to hiring, training, and coaching remote customer service professionals, enabling them to deliver exceptional service to a wide range of clients.

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