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With a long history partnering with luxury and innovative brands, VIPdesk remains committed to delivering elevated customer service by leveraging all channels which gives us the ability to offer a customized omnichannel approach to assist all brands with their customer service needs including back-office support and consultation services.

Our tailor-made solutions provide maximum flexibility and support. Outsourcing across all service channels- Phone, Email, Chat, Video Chat, SMS and Social; operating 24/7 365 days year.

Experienced Customer Care Solutions

VIPdesk leverages over 20 years of experience in operating both brick and mortar and virtual customer service models. Today, we have a presence all across North America and now operate using primarily a remote model with team members located in over 40 states. VIPdesk has had experience with the remote contact center model dating back to 2001.

Our experience has taught us, not how to run a virtual operation, but rather how to successfully operate with an intense focus on culture around creating a positive work environment for our team. This matters because we believe having happy employees is critical to providing elevated service to customers.

Our Outsourced Customer Service Solution:

– Voice

VIPdesk offers the traditional channel of human-to-human customer service over the phone. We operate on a 27/4, 365 day schedule with comprehensive IVR capabilities, expertise in telecom, options call-back options depending the level of that are desired. From a technology perspective, VIPdesk supports the IVR design if desired, call back, and telecom services if necessary. We have robust capabilities and can set up, manage, and administrate all technology involved in this channel.

In addition to the initial hardware setup, VIPdesk also staffs this voice in the US and has a comprehensive list of international languages available. The US-based languages include Spanish, French and English and we partner with international partners for a vast list of international languages.

– Digital – Email, Chat, SMS, Video

In addition to traditional channel of voice, we support all non-voice channels including email, chat, SMS and video. We help our clients design a solution that creates the most efficient mix of channels. This digital mix of channels reduces customer friction related to complaints and reduces low-value interactions. While we don’t recommend email, we understand it’s a legacy channel and we help our clients migrate to newer, immediate service channels. Studies have shown that chat is 3x times more efficient than email and costs less per transaction. We work with the client to determine the right mixture of service offerings for their brand.

– Social – DM, Reply, Monitoring, Messenger      

In addition to traditional communication channels, many customers today prefer to engage with brands via social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. A comprehensive customer service strategy includes the monitoring of customer feedback on all social channels. Often customers will seek customer service via social media outlets because this is their primary engagement channel. An integrated approach ensures timely responses via social channels.

We provide social media management services that seamlessly integrate the entire customer experience with a single voice. Social media monitoring is valuable for brand discovery, building trends, monitoring of new campaigns and products, and identifying influencers that can become valuable partners. Social customer service via direct messaging enhances the customer service experience by giving customers an easy way to interact with your business. Social posts are monitored at all hours so you can respond quickly to any questions or comments posted publicly by your audience. With these services in place, we can discover key conversations happening around your brand; monitor customer posts and provide public responses. Live social media solutions can provide seamless access to your audience.

– Offline Back Office Work

Although customer service primarily involves handling live interactions with customers, as businesses grow, offline work expands in every customer service operation. You can outsource “offline” functions for an integrated front-office/back-office operation to free up staff. Some of these operations may appear to be disconnected from customer support, but they are often linked. When you streamline office functions, improve efficiency, and restructure how you approach resources, you can dedicate your focus to customer service solutions.

VIPdesk provides recommendations and staffing for “offline” functions that are customized according to the needs of each client. “Offline” support will be provided as well as training so that staff can provide critical support to the front-office. “Offline” functions can include fraud control processes, escalations, voice of the customer responses, shipping coordination, and warehouse communication. “Offline” may also include non-voice support and managing escalated management operations. VIPdesk’s solutions are flexible so that daily business can be maintained without interruption.

– Review Management   

In order to provide a better customer service experience, we recommend that clients tap into the voice of their customers. When you understand your customers, this creates customer loyalty. For 80% of consumers, online reviews have changed their minds about a purchase. This emphasizes the need for proper management with respect to online reviews. Our solutions stay on the pulse of your customers and monitor and respond to online reviews (good or bad) in real-time. One result of effective review management is the building of brand awareness though every social media platform. Our team can ensure reviews are responded to timely.

– Concierge

No other BPO has Concierge expertise. Our Concierge Service includes exclusive off-script servicing for the most valuable customers. Special touches designed exclusively for each brand. High-touch services include personalized written notes, hand delivered items, exclusive event outreach and more.

VIPdesk incorporates our rich concierge history and knowledge into all client relationships. Concierge is part of VIPdesk’s DNA and is very unique to the BPO industry. Concierge customer service is high-touch, high-class customer service that is lovely for all companies, but especially luxury brands. A concierge service refers to the practice of providing an exclusive list of high standard services that are tailored to the needs and wants of specific individuals.

VIPdesk thinks outside the box and partners with clients to provide memorable experiences for their customers. We do this by implementing special touches that elevate the customer experience. While we no longer provide traditional concierge services such as making dinner reservations or planning exotic trips for our clients, VIPdesk does provide unique experiences tailored to support individual client’s customer service strategies. This includes things like handwritten notes, hand-delivered exclusive items, invitations to exclusive events, and proactive outreach to customers. VIPdesk has a plethora of ideas and strategies based on its years of experience which we offer to clients based upon their needs. The concierge service can be tailored to fit specific needs and can be part of the overall customer service strategy or just employed at certain times of the year or for certain events. VIPdesk can staff according to the needs of the client.

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