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Every customer service program requires a symphony of orchestrated technologies to support all aspects of the service delivery operation from recruiting to the live handling of customer interactions. The suite of technologies required includes proprietary Recruiting & Screening tools, an Omnichannel Communication Platform, a CRM, Reporting & Analytics, WFM, and many more. The complexity of running a customer service contact center includes a vast array of considerations from security to innovation, making outsourcing to a BPO with industry expertise, a natural choice. By outsourcing a technology platform that supports CX orchestration as part of an end-to-end solution will help your business run smoothly and ensure you have access to all the latest CX capabilities as they are released.

Our Tech Solutions:

– Contact Center in a Box

VIPdesk has developed a turnkey contact center platform whereby we can staff the entire contact center and provide the technology necessary. Our “contact center in a box” allows us to customize according to your needs. This includes a communications switch that routes all interaction types, a workforce management platform, home office verification technology, and performance agent analytics.

– Proprietary Technologies

Verify™ : VIPdesk is not reliant upon legacy systems, and this allows us to be agile and tailor our solutions for each brand. In most instances, clients rely on us for a fully integrated turnkey customer service platform. Our technology platform starts with critical recruiting, onboarding, and training technologies. Verify™ is the proprietary tool that allows us to verify candidates’ home offices across 11 components including location, ISP connectivity, systems, monitors, devices and more.

Productivity Tool : In order to maintain NPS and quality numbers, we have created a proprietary tool to work as an oversight for productivity. This tool monitors what is necessary for companies to meet their quality analytics goals.

360 CX Platform™ : Our Omnichannel platform is customized for each client based on desired overall solution. Each CX Technology Platform is an amalgamation of multiple technologies that are tied together in a cohesive manner to support the CX experience. We provide tailor-made solutions that combine technology and people.

Our CX Technology Platform can be provided as a turnkey solution and include the ability to deliver CX “as-a-service”, meaning that all customer service interactions run on our cloud platform, allowing for ease-of-access and 24/7 access from anywhere around the world. In addition, we have proprietary technologies that takes all data points from disparate systems, such NPS, quality, call-center metrics and gives you 360 high-level view of everything.

– AI

Customer service is about serving the customer and serving them as they wish. Some interactions can easily be handled by AI and more complex interactions are better when handled by a human. The best customer service strategies include a combination of technology solutions where a bot starts a conversation, but it can effortlessly be escalated to a human. Businesses with seasonality struggle to support their customers. By incorporating and integrating AI tools that support customers externally as well as customer service professionals internally, companies become scalable. By leveraging AI across different company sectors, there are new efficiencies and increased productivity.

VIPdesk offers internal and external AI solutions. The internal AI solution provides recommended responses and resolutions to our Brand Ambassadors (customer service professionals) for their approval before responding to customers. Our AI also learns from every Brand Ambassador interaction, so it gets smarter over time. If simple transactions are handled efficiently with AI, it leaves room to elevate the service experience to a professional. The external AI solution allows a chatbot to automatically responds to your customers with warmth and authenticity. When it’s time for more complex inquiries, you can escalate the conversations to a member of our customer service team for further assistance. They’ll have access to full transcripts of all conversations so they can provide personalized support across any channel while building brand loyalty through empathy.

When it comes to digital customer service, there are solutions that put humans and artificial intelligence (AI) together. This involves using the AI as a “first level” of defense for basic queries before handing them off to a human (or team of humans). VIPdesk has several options ranging from Internal Only (AI that assists with all interactions to be more efficient), External Only (AI that combines chatbots and live experts to handle escalated customer service requests), and 100% Automation with chatbots providing all automated answers. This last option however is only recommended when the customer is better served by a bot than they go ignored.

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