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Our Remote Model

At VIPdesk we believe that we are the industry frontrunner in the remote workforce model have been doing it for the past 20+ years. Given the present economy, businesses are increasingly allowing employees to work from home. Contact center operations are learning how to operate with remote employees. With this comes several complicated logistics that are necessary to maintain quality standards.

While many tools have come on the market to support work from home employees such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, running an effective virtual contact center is not as simple. There still needs to be comprehensive hiring and training processes to provide an effective and quality customer service experience. The workforce needs to have the proper technology to meet the needs of the company and provide support to the brand effectively.

Since 2001, VIPdesk has leveraged a virtual workforce and operated a remote contact center. We have extensive knowledge of all aspects related to hiring, training, and maintain quality remote team members. VIPdesk understands every model from hub and spoke to hybrid and we operate with employees in over 40 US states. We have extensive experience with cloud technologies, remote recruiting, work from home office security, and how to successfully build an amazing culture with a virtual team.

We work with our clients to design the best solutions leveraging a remote workforce based on their unique objectives. Many businesses are virtual now, but we have been virtual for 20 years and have a system in place to provide quality employees that will elevate a brand’s customer service experience. VIPdesk understands that most customer service is generally in-house or working out of a specific call center that may or may not be outsourced. VIPdesk incorporates over 20 years of hiring and training a remote workforce into all aspects of a client’s program and each remote worker is assigned to a specific client team.

Journey Mapping

We work with clients to design a unique and tailor-made customer service solution and we map the entire journey from start to finish. Having a map to determine the journey creates efficiencies and optimizes the key phases and touchpoints of the customer lifecycle. It basically is a visual story of your customers’ interactions with your brand. This process allows the client to see their business from the customer’s perspective and to gain insights and make improvements in the process as needed. This is a strategic approach to understand expectations and create benchmarks and a logical order to the customer’s journey. Working in tandem with the client, VIPdesk identifies problems, offers improvements and creates the tools necessary for an effective customer service process.

WFM Forecasting

For a remote workforce to be successful, you need to accurately forecast customer demand, generate appropriate schedules to meet KPIs and provide the flexibility to staff depending on demand. Workforce optimization technology tools will assist with the forecasting of the remote workforce and will predict workloads and staffing requirements based on historical data.

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