Path to Good

Our Path to Good podcast provides an in-depth perspective on our journey as a company and provides insights behind some of the most successful VIPdesk strategies. Join our hosts, Jen Vinciguerra (VP People & Culture), Maggie Piper-Presing (VP Recruiting) and Sally Hurley (CEO) as they discuss lessons learned, experiences and tips for what VIPdesk is doing to be a better company.

Our recent podcast series covers topics to help organizations shifting to a remote workforce. With over 15 years of experience managing remote teams, learn about best practices from our hosts on a variety of topics from secure home office setups to team member engagement and maintaining human connections.

As a new model for outsourced customer service, VIPdesk has been on a journey to transform the customer service industry. As a B Corp, we are committed to ELEVATING the human experience—delivering positive customer experiences through team members we deeply care about. Join us on our journey as we set out to do good for our team members, clients, and customers.

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