Podcasts in Customer Service: Path to Good by VIPdesk  

By: Caylin White  

The Path to Good podcast is a dedicated tribute to the ladies and gentlemen behind VIPdesk’s efforts at elevating the customer service experience.  The Leadership team at VIPdesk had the wonderful idea to bring the negative call center mentality to a halt with speaking their voices across the podcast network and it was a hit!  

Read on to find out a little about our podcast history, purpose and learn about what each episode is about.  If you haven’t caught the Path to Good Podcast yet, you are missing out!  

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Path to Good Podcast

VIPdesk Connect is an innovative company out to transform the customer service industry. We are committed to ELEVATING the human experience – delivering positive customer experiences through team members we deeply care about. Join us on our journey as we set out to do good for our team members, clients and customers. 

Why We Started the Path to Good Podcast 

Our Leadership team kickstarted the Path to Good podcast with the purpose to reach a higher audience through our mission. We really wanted to help bring a human experience to the customer service solutions world.  

Jen Vinciguerra highlights a little behind her podcast passion:  

We started the podcast when we decided we wanted to explore becoming a B Corp. We wanted to have a way to communicate our story to our team and to the outside world. I also just love podcasts so the idea of making one was very exciting. – Jen Vinciguerra, VP of People & Culture  

Path to Good Podcast History  

Work Human

Tuning in to the Path to Good is not just about listening to a podcast about customer service.  It’s much, much more.  

Here is our Path to Good podcast history with every single recorded episode including our Leadership team, Jen, Maggie, Sally and more!  

Tune in, listen, share and enjoy.  

Building a Culture that Cares 


May 7, 2018 

The very first episode of Path to Good! Hosts Jen, Maggie and Sally introduce ourselves (we love travel, cold places, arugula and elevating the human experience) we also describe our mission and what “Path to Good” means to our company VIPdesk Connect. 

Perspectives from the Team 

Work Human


Jun 6, 2018 

In our second episode we talk to our team members Caylin and Melissa about their perspectives on our culture through the lens of a new team member and a long-time team member. We also discuss Melissa winning an award for Contact Center Manager of the Year and how we get to know our remote team members. 

What is a B Corp and why is it important? 



Aug 17, 2018 

In this episode Jen, Maggie and Sally discuss why they decided they wanted to apply for the B Corp (Benefit Corp) certification. They review their initial survey results and discuss where VIPdesk shines and the areas of opportunity. They also talk about the company book club and the importance of personal growth and development. 

Looking back on 2018  


Jan 15, 2019 

Sally, Jen and Maggie reflect on 2018 initiatives including new roles, peer recognition programs, the WorkHuman conference and making the Inc 5000 list. They also discuss what they are looking forward to in 2019 including working with other companies that share our company values. 

Annual Awards 

Award Winning Brand Ambassador of the Year: Dawn May


Jan 31, 2019 

The team reflects on the company annual awards ceremony held earlier that day.  The annual awards honor the accomplishments of the team and are broadcast live to the entire company. Sally, Maggie and Jen discuss why they love the ceremony, their favorite awards and the rise of the “special secret awards”. 

The Circle of Good 


Mar 8, 2019  

Sally, Maggie and Jen discuss paying a living wage (it involves a 90-page research paper created by Maggie) and how they go about finding clients who agree with their values. They also discuss ways they develop a career path for the teams and how they recognize team members both internally and publicly. 

Dealing with Stress by Path to Good 


March 28 

Jen, Maggie and Sally discuss the inevitable stress that comes with any business and how they deal with it (lots of laughing helps). They discuss client expectations for elevated customer service and how they spring into action when the best plans for recruiting and training occasionally go awry. 

Podcasting for a Purpose  

We hope you have enjoyed the Path to Good podcast and can share it with others! We have a mission here at VIPdesk and that is to elevate the human experience through customer service. That goes above and beyond just providing excellent customer solutions. It means we care about the people we work with and work for!  

Thanks for listening and we are excited to push the purpose of our podcast out to the world!  






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