Outsourced Customer Service Solutions

Elevated Remote-based Customer Care for Iconic Brands

If Your Goal is to Deliver Elevated yet Efficient Customer Service, VIPdesk is the Right Partner!

Tailor-made Customer Care Solutions

VIPdesk is committed to delivering elevated service by leveraging all channels which gives us the ability to offer a customized omnichannel approach to assist all brands with their customer service needs including back office support and consultation services. Our tailor-made solutions provide maximum flexibility and support.

Our Customer Service Industries and Specialties

Our Outsourced Customer Service Solution:

1- Outsourced Contact Center Service

Outsourcing across all service channels- Phone, Email, Chat, Video Chat, SMS and Social; operating 24/7 365 days year. VIPdesk leverages over 20 years operating a remote model with team members located in over 40 states.

2 – Tailor-made Solutions for Clients

VIPdesk Connect collaborates with each client to design service delivery with team members specifically recruited for the brands they represent, offers full transparency and faster response times.

3- Exceptional Talent- Employees vs. Independent Contractors ·       

Staffing model includes only employees vs independent contractors; we believe in order to deliver elevated service, you need amazing, dedicated people. In return for offering benefits and flexible work from home schedules, we achieve an incredibly high retention rate. All remote customer service team members receive specialized training and coaching at VIPdesk Connect that is vital to their success.

4- Global Solutions

Global Staffing Partnerships- allows clients to streamline outsourcing; partners near shore Puerto Rico (Telecontacto) and in Europe (PVS). Our omnichannel channel solutions incorporate 24/7 and 365 day US-based operations with global staffing partnerships near-shore in Puerto Rico (Telecontacto) and in Stuttgart, Germany (PVS) to give clients access to a variety of markets. Languages include English, Spanish, and French Canadian which allows for clients to streamline outsourcing.

5- High Touch Concierge Services ·       

More than 20 years of making the impossible possible for so many customers, has opened the doors for creativity. We know how to execute programs that enhance brand loyalty and take service to the next level. Most of these high-touch efforts do not cost much, but have a tremendous impact.

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