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VIPdesk incorporates our rich concierge history and knowledge into all client relationships. Concierge is part of VIPdesk’s DNA and is very unique to the BPO industry. Concierge customer service is high-touch, high-class customer service that is lovely for all companies, but especially luxury brands. A concierge service refers to the practice of providing an exclusive list of high standard services that are tailored to the needs and wants of specific individuals.

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VIPdesk thinks outside the box and partners with clients to provide memorable experiences for their customers. We do this by implementing special touches that elevate the customer experience. While we no longer provide traditional concierge services such as making dinner reservations or planning exotic trips for our clients, VIPdesk does provide unique experiences tailored to support individual client’s customer service strategies. This includes things like handwritten notes, hand-delivered exclusive items, invitations to exclusive events, and proactive outreach to customers. VIPdesk has a plethora of ideas and strategies based on its years of experience which we offer to clients based upon their needs. The concierge service can be tailored to fit specific needs and can be part of the overall customer service strategy or just employed at certain times of the year or for certain events. VIPdesk can staff according to the needs of the client.

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