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Although customer service primarily involves handling live interactions with customers, as businesses grow, many back-office functions expand in tandem with the expansion of a customer service operation. There are fraud control processes, escalations, voice of the customer responses, inter-departmental coordination, warehouse communication, and more.

Customized Solutions for Back Office

You can outsource back-office functions for an integrated front-office/back-office operation to free up staff. Some of these operations may appear to be disconnected from customer support, but they are often linked. When you streamline office functions, improve efficiency, and restructure how you approach resources, you can dedicate your focus to customer service solutions.

Our Back Office Solution:

VIPdesk provides recommendations and staffing for back-office functions that are customized according to the needs of each client. Back office support will be provided as well as training so that staff can provide critical support to the front-office. Back office functions can include fraud control processes, escalations, voice of the customer responses, shipping coordination, and warehouse communication. Back office tasks may also include managing escalated management operations. VIPdesk’s solutions are flexible so that daily business can be maintained without interruption.

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