Redefining Outsourcing

Experience elevated customer service, delivered by a purpose-driven, people-first partner committed to empowering women globally, powered by innovative AI-driven technology

Redefining Outsourcing with Elevated Customer Service

At VIPdesk, we design solutions as unique as the brands we serve. Our approach is to leverage every available service channel—Phone, Email, Chat, Video Chat, SMS, and Social—to offer a tailored, omnichannel strategy that best meets your needs. Our services are available 24/7/365, ensuring continuous support and seamless brand representation.

Experience outsourcing reimagined. Trust in VIPdesk’s commitment to deliver an exceptional customer experience every step of the way.

Why Choose Us

Highly Specialized Teams

Our dedicated teams are extensively trained and specialized in specific areas, ensuring they deliver the highest level of customer service for your brand.

Full Executive Participation

Our hands-on executive team participates actively in strategy, operations, and customer interactions when needed, ensuring your brand receives the expertise and consulting you deserve.

Empowering Women

We’re proud to say that our team is 85% women, and we’re certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE). We believe in the power of diverse perspectives to drive innovation and deliver exceptional service.

Transparent Pricing

We pride ourselves on our straightforward pricing model. With VIPdesk, you’ll find no hidden fees or surprise costs, just optimized value for your budget. What matters to us is together we compensate the team fairly and reward them for their amazing work.

Budget Optimization

Through in-depth analysis, we identify areas for budget optimization, ensuring you make the most of your customer service investment.

Undeniable Quality

Quality at VIPdesk is not just a promise, but a measurable reality. We use an AI tool to continually assess and score 100% of the quality of our customer interactions without bias.

Certified B Corporation

As a certified B Corp, we meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. We believe in doing business that benefits all stakeholders, not just shareholders.

And More

With benefits like omnichannel service, 24/7/365 availability, and a dedicated partnership approach, VIPdesk is ready to help you achieve your customer service goals.

Choose VIPdesk for an outsourcing experience that’s redefined, reimagined, and ready to elevate your brand to new heights

We’re more than a service provider; we’re a partner committed to making a difference.

Elevated Remote-based Customer Care for Iconic Brands

VIPdesk is committed to delivering elevated service by leveraging all channels to offer a customized omnichannel approach to assist brands with their customer service needs. VIPdesk has over 20 years of experience in operating both brick and mortar and virtual customer service models.

Our tailor-made solutions provide maximum flexibility and support. Outsourcing across all service channels- Phone, Email, Chat, Video Chat, SMS and Social; operating 24/7 365 days year.

How We Work: Redefining Experiences Across the US and Beyond

Transcending Boundaries to Elevate Your Customers’ Experiences

We’ve established a strong presence across 40+ US states as well as teams in Davao City in the Philippines and Stuttgart in Germany, providing us with a rich pool of top talent.

Each program we design is tailor-made, entrusting your brand to highly specialized team members with a passion for the industries they serve – be it beauty, music, the outdoors, or more. Our unique approach allows us to seamlessly blend our team’s personal experience with their professional roles, leading to authentic interactions that customers cherish.

The Flexibility to Meet Your Unique Needs

Whether you require a fully US-based program, a hybrid model combining various channels and offshore areas with US-based account management, or even a fully offshore model with an escalation team, we have the capabilities to deliver.

As a people-first company, we’ve been embracing an employee-centric approach since 2001. Unlike many in our industry who rely on independent contractors, our workforce is composed of full-time employees, with 85% being women, reflecting our commitment to diversity and empowerment.

Rooted in Our Rich History of Providing Concierge Service

This high-touch, high-class customer service approach is incorporated into all our client relationships and is particularly effective when serving luxury brands.

Equipped to provide comprehensive 24/7/365 support in English, Spanish, and French, our mission is to make every interaction between your brand and your customers more than a transaction – it’s an unforgettable experience.

Choose VIPdesk and embark on a journey that redefines outsourcing, showcases the power of human potential, and elevates customer service to unprecedented heights.

Our Services

Phone Support

With trained professionals on hand 24/7, our phone support service provides immediate, real-time assistance to your customers, resolving their queries efficiently and with a personal touch.

Chat Support

Our live chat support offers instant online assistance, providing a convenient and effective communication channel for your customers.

Social Media Support

In today’s digital age, our team excels in handling customer interactions on social media platforms, maintaining your brand’s reputation and ensuring seamless customer engagement.

Email Support

Our responsive email support team provides detailed, timely responses to customer inquiries, ensuring your customers feel heard and valued.

SMS Support

By facilitating customer service via text message, we provide quick, easy-to-access solutions for customers on the move.

Video Support

Our video support option enables face-to-face interaction, giving a personalized touch and deeper level of connection to your customer service experience.

Review Management:

We handle customer reviews efficiently, addressing issues, acknowledging positive feedback, and maintaining your brand’s image in the public domain.


Our skilled teams adeptly manage escalations, ensuring timely resolution and maintaining customer satisfaction even in complex situations.

Concierge Services

Rooted in our heritage of providing high-touch, high-class service, we offer concierge-level support that delivers an even greater level of elevated customer experience, particularly beneficial for companies seeking to go outside of the box of “standard customer service.”

More Human CX for Brands that Care

Over 80% of our Senior Leadership are Women82%
Over 70% of our Team are Women71%
Over 44% of our Team is Diverse44%

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